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Startup of the Week - Pickevent

by: Startacus Admin ~ 26th March 2014
With so many business and professional events happening virtually every week, it’s become a task in itself to identify which events are the best and most worthwhile to attend. It’s not just a matter of selecting the event with the best keynote speakers though - there are lots of other things to consider, such as identifying who else is attending and thereby who you should and could pot...
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The Powers of Networking! An interview with Patrick M Powers

by: Startacus Admin ~ 5th February 2014
Its apparently International Networking Week, so we pulled out all the stops and interviewed Patrick M Powers - the King of entrepreneurial / meetup networking in London..."I’ve known Patrick for the last couple of years. I say have ‘known’, but rather Patrick has been a contact I’ve made via various social networks, rather than someone I’ve met face-to-face. So whe...
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Diary of a Startup - Raising Capital

by: Startacus Admin ~ 19th June 2013
In part 2 of Vincent Haywood's Startup Diary Vincent talked up Networking and practicing what you preach. This week he returns with his Diary Post "In Between the Delays" and talks about the tough decisions you have to make on how you continue to raise capital for your startup."We went live with our blog this week. In short it’s all to do with our SEO strategy. The current sit...
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3 Things Worth Doing Again for Your Startup

by: Startacus Admin ~ 13th June 2013
Last week Diana Hallare, founder of Stateside startup The Daughterhood Coach started a series of blog posts for Startacus on the importance of telling your life story as part of your startup tale. This week she returns with a post on 3 Things Worth Doing Again for Your Startup, so over to Diana to explain all..."The week has been busy to move my startup, The Daughterhood Coach, forward but th...
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Networking - Getting back out there

by: Startacus Admin ~ 11th June 2013
In part 1 of Vincent Haywood's Startup Diary Vincent started with a a call to action to all wannabe entrepreneurs. And so Vincent returns for Part 2 and this time Vincent talks up Networking and practicing what you preach. Over to Vincent to explain: "I wrote a post about Networking on my blog a few months back.  I wrote about how excited I was in meeting so many people from various pit...
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Setting up a fashion website - An interview with Jo Booth

by: Startacus Admin ~ 19th May 2013
After Jo Jaeger-Booth was made redundant she decided to take the opportunity to set up an online fashion platform aimed at the student market. Still a relatively young entrepreneur herself, she was the first person to be successfully awarded with a Startup Loan in the North West of England and is using the money to launch a online fashion magazine for the student mark...
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Beginner tips on Business Networking

by: Startacus Admin ~ 29th April 2013
Hand shakes. Smiles. Coffee and chat. For some the face to face networking event is a fabulous chance to make business connections, get new ideas and inspiration, find support , collaborate and potentially find future business partners. For others, the face to face nature of networking can seem like a real life nightmare, and for those that fear small talk, introductions and that feeling of firs...
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Scanners Night

by: Startacus Admin ~ 27th September 2012
Here at Startacus we love finding out about all sorts of interesting people, places and things and then of course letting you guys know all about them too. And the latest of these is the curiously named Scanners Night. For those of you who don’t know ( don’t worry, we didn’t either), a “Scanner” is a term coined by the American author Barbara Sher and describes s...
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Face to Face networking - Lets Lunch to launch in the UK...

by: Startacus Admin ~ 9th September 2012
Like LinkedIn, but face to face, with a mouth full of food, Lets Lunch launched in the States in 2010 - now Startacus hears its coming to the UK - hungry to find out more? A problem with LinkedIn (at least the free version) is that in terms of business networking, it is not always the people that you know and get linked-in with, that you in an ideal world would really like to network with. Lets ...
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How to create an active Community - Startacus chats to Andrew Zarick, Co-Founder of Digital DUMBO...

by: Startacus Admin ~ 1st September 2012
Sometimes you meet people, if only for a few minutes and they have an impact that can help shape a future discussion, decision, idea, or plan of action! One such person was Andrew Zarick, who was guest speaking at Northern Ireland based startup / culture / music / culture Festival - Culture Tech, back in 2012.We had caught up with Andrew to discuss how Digital DUMBO (a social gathering he had co-f...
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