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Chainy - Clever Collaboration for Creative People

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by Startacus Admin

Startacus Collaborator ‘Chainy’ could very well become the new wave for creative networking. We talk to team member Oleg Tikhturov, about their idea, inspiration and journey. 

Connecting creative people, that’s the goal for Chainy – but what exactly is it? Chainy
“Chainy is an online platform that connects creative people from music, design, fashion, photography and design. Using Chainy people can easily find creative people for their projects and get a chance to work on great opportunities since users get notified about relevant ones as soon as they become available.”

So then, it’s a collaboration and networking platform, but for creative types. What inspired you guys to start ‘Chainy’?
“There are so many talented people around the world - from music to film and fashion. Many success stories have been what is called a “success against all odds”, where future stars either did not have the right people around them or were left unnoticed for long time just to get discovered one day. Isn’t that wrong? That’s what we thought. From personal experience as well as from watching so many friends involved in creative industries we know how challenging it is to find people you need, especially from an industry that you are not coming from. And that is why we realised that the world needs an online platform that would help creative people across different industries to connect. After spending a lot of time researching the current ways that creative people find each other and connect, we realised we can do it better! So we went ahead and established Chainy, an online platform that is efficient, beautiful and most importantly creates value for the creative world.”

Chainy is a really interesting platform, How have you found marketing it?
“Marketing is probably one of the most challenging elements of building a startup. At the moment we are getting most of our users by writing directly to them through various social channels. This is a time-consuming way to the market, but it is essential for us to get early users. We are also looking to establish ties with universities focused on creative disciplines so that we can help students at the start of their career even before they graduate.”

Collaboration can be the Key to successYou’ve launched only recently, tell us, have you had any success stories?
“We have just launched in August so it is still early days for us, but we already see many people creating opportunities and even more people applying for them. For us the success is when we help people to get connected so that they can realise their projects that otherwise would have taken a long time to do (or would not have happened at all). For example, our web developers recently found a person on Chainy to do an animation for their logo which was done the same day they posted their opportunity (within a couple of hours, actually!). It is always exciting to hear when people find our platform useful. That’s what motivates and encourages us to go on!”

That’s a great ethic to have. What do you plan to achieve with Chainy, and what are the goals for the future?
“Our goal is to help talented people to succeed, and this requires multiple components. We believe that success requires the help of others and we already help our users by providing them access to creative people as well as opportunities to work on. However, we have thousands of ideas on how to help talents in the future: from competitions (where users would be able to submit their work and judges would select the best based on their professional experience) to events and forums. We want to make sure we are building the ultimate single platform for creative people where they can work on boosting their career and develop their talent. Nevertheless, we will be adding features gradually in order to deliver the best possible experience for our users.”

Your platform is on our collaboration page, tell us, if anyone wanted to get involved; how would they go about it?
"We are always looking for talented people! At the moment we are looking for a full-stack PHP developer to join our team. We also want to establish partnerships with companies from creative (and other relevant) sectors where we can create value for both parties. Please contact us on If you feel we can do something interesting together!"

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Published on: 29th September 2014

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