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Mallzee release new Personal Shopping App

by: ~ 6th December 2013
A few weeks ago we opened up a new call for Startacus members to tell us what’s happening in their little corner of the world…A Self-Interview of your startup or business if you like! And what better way to start this new feature than with our friend Cally Russell, Founder of Mallzee - the personalised shopping app that integrates social media interaction into your shopping experienc...
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Sponsor the Shirt - Student has great idea up his sleeve

by: Startacus Admin ~ 1st December 2013
It is probably stating the obvious, but here at Startacus we love it when determined self-starters put their imagination and creativity to good’s kind of our thing. That`s why when we came across a young man named Chris MacRae who is doing just that, we leapt at the chance to get on board and lend a helping hand.  You see, young Chris is a student of psychology at St Andrew's ...
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Ed Molyneux – from RAF pilot to entrepreneur

by: Startacus Admin ~ 27th November 2013
In November 2013, online accounting software company FreeAgent was named among 2013’s fastest growing UK technology firms, securing 8th place on this year’s prestigious Deloitte Fast 50 in recognition of its impressive growth over the past five years; FreeAgent reported a 2128% rise in turnover for the period 2007-2012. Here Ed Molyneux, CEO and co-founder shares his journey from RAF p...
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CookHoods - the interview

by: Startacus Admin ~ 27th October 2013
This week we were hungry for an original startup story that we could really get our teeth into. To our delight we came across a fab new social enterprise called CookHoods, which aside from providing an innovative and inspiring story, gives us endless possibilities for cooking related puns…lovely! The folks at CookHoods are hoping to cause quite a stir with their new online community aimed ...
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Sorted Local - the lowdown

by: Startacus Admin ~ 20th October 2013
A couple of weeks ago we interviewed tech startup Myna, another alumni of the now London based Oxygen Accelerator programme. And as if by magic, (and a little like buses) two ex-Accelerator occupants come along at once and so we have our second Oxygen linked interview in just a matter of weeks. This time we chat to James Pursey of crowdsourcing-come-marketplace business of sorts Sorted Local.Hi Ja...
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Uni Baggage - The Interview

by: Startacus Admin ~ 17th October 2013
This year two NI startups, Uproar Comics and Uni Baggage have been selected as Smarta 100 winners. Since we’ve already featured Uproar Comics and their innovative digital comic experience The DEC here on Startacus, we thought it only fair to give a little airtime to Paul Stewart and his Belfast based baggage postal solution Unibaggage. So let’s take flight with our first question...
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We chat A/B Testing and Accelerators with Myna

by: Startacus Admin ~ 8th October 2013
A/B Testing you may ask? Of course many of us will know of A/B testing, and many of us, well...might not. But as Startacus is a go-to site to inspire and (on this occasion most importantly) inform, those who may not be so savvy on the technicals of say starting a tech startup, we thought the opportunity to speak to Myna- a startup itself and a tool for A/B testing was too good to turn down. A rec...
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SnapMyAd - the interview

by: Startacus Admin ~ 2nd October 2013
Are you one of those snap-happy folks for whom taking photos of their daily life and the things in it is a necessary bodily function? Have you ever taken a photo that was so beautiful or that so perfectly demonstrated a product that you despaired at the thought of it being relegated forever to just Instagram or Facebook? Then SnapMyAd may be just the app for you ! We caught up with Josh Lee, the ...
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Taggled - the future of vcommerce?

by: Startacus Admin ~ 25th September 2013
So the premise of Taggled is simple… Concentrating (one may assume initially) on the fashion sector, Taggled allows you to watch an online fashion video, click on the various ‘tagged’ clothing links that appear and be directed straight to the products- and that all important shopping cart to make your purchase.  Nice. Of course most people like an abundance of things the...
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Strange Fruit - We speak with Denise Rawls

by: Startacus Admin ~ 14th September 2013
Last week we offered some handy hints and tips to consider when starting a part-time business while working and now we have decided to go one better. We speak with the lovely Denise Rawls about her new stationery and greeting card business Strange Fruit and her experiences of setting up an enterprise from home whilst working at the same time. Strange Fruit offers greeting cards and stationery tha...
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Sent into Space - The DIY Space Mission

by: Startacus Admin ~ 9th September 2013
For eons mankind has gazed heavenward in utter awe at the endless expanse of space but for most this is where our direct link to the great abyss ends.  Although the super rich Virgin Galactic promises a fleeting glimpse of near-earth space, for the average Joe or Johanna such experiences remain frustratingly out of reach. That is why we were very excited to come across a pair of intrepid stud...
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Market Direct (online shopping + farmers market)

by: Startacus Admin ~ 31st August 2013
At Startacus we love to support local business - we also love to shop, so to combine these two passions there's nothing we like more than leisurely strolling around the nearby farmers’ market and treating ourselves to all the goodies our area has to offer. It’s great to know exactly where the food in our bag has come from and better still to actually speak to the person who has produce...
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