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We chat A/B Testing and Accelerators with Myna

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by Startacus Admin

A/B Testing you may ask? Of course many of us will know of A/B testing, and many of us, well...might not. But as Startacus is a go-to site to inspire and (on this occasion most importantly) inform, those who may not be so savvy on the technicals of say starting a tech startup, we thought the opportunity to speak to Myna- a startup itself and a tool for A/B testing was too good to turn down.

mynaA recent occupant of the Oxygen Accelerator (now based in London), we chatted about their business, their plans, A/B testing, and the benefits of an Accelerator program itself (lots of stuff then). So over to the interview itself...

Okay, admittedly I am not 100% tech savvy. Can you explain what Myna does and who it is for - as if you were selling it to a tech novice!

Myna is a tool for A/B testing. What is A/B testing? It's a way of finding out which of your marketing efforts are actually working, but trying different variants on your customers and analysing the results. Myna provides the infrastructure for doing this -- suggesting the variant to try, collecting the results, and analysing them to reach a conclusion. Where it differs from other tools is how we do this analysis. We use modern techniques, known as bandit algorithms, that can dramatically reduce the time it takes to get a result, which means more revenue with less risk.

Who is it for?
Businesses which want a repeatable process for making more money.

Why should businesses care about Myna?

Myna allows companies to consistently and repeatedly improve their marketing efforts. Too much marketing success relies on luck. By using A/B testing, businesses can find out what really works. By using Myna they can do this faster, which means more improvements in less time.

You offer a freemium subscription model - how have you found sales so far?

Myna requires some effort to integrate with, so the sales process takes time. The month free trial we offer allows customers to trial Myna and also gives them an incentive to not take too long in integration. We are reasonably happy with how we've done so far, but, like all entrepreneurs, we would like to do more.

Myna's development was supported by the Oxygen Accelerator in Birmingham (now relocating to London) - how important was that period in developing your business model and strategy?

Going on Oxygen really helped us focus our efforts on Myna. We had been doing consulting for a number of years, and had been trying to balance working on Myna and also doing work for clients. Being able to say we were on Oxygen and just focus on Myna was really valuable.

What advice would you give to someone considering an Accelerator program at the moment?

Be clear what your goals are for going on the accelerator. Try to take advantage of all the opportunities that come your way. Have fun!

What's next for Myna - any exciting developments or exclusive scoops you can share with Startacus?!

We have a number of developments in the pipeline. Right now it's all about mobile for Myna. Unlike most A/B testing tools we can integrate with native apps on Android and iOS. I'm really excited to see how this plays out in the next few months.

We're excited too! Best of luck!

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Published on: 8th October 2013

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