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Safe Tech startups aiming to put personal safety first

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We have briefly touched upon safety technology in our recent article about wearable technology, but it goes without saying that safety is pretty important, and it deserves a closer look. Sadly, the world isn’t perhaps getting much safer, so effective and simple to use technology that works towards that goal is always welcome. Here are 7 SafeTech startups putting personal safety first.


The Revolar Instinct is a device not much wider than a thumb that can be clipped onto clothing or carried as a keyring, and was developed with input from attack survivors. It syncs with your phone using Bluetooth low energy, and allows you to add up to 5 contacts and customise the messages it will send depending on how you are using it. These messages come in  3 categories: with one click, it will send your contacts a check-in message to let them know you have arrived at your destination; 2 clicks will send a Yellow Alert, letting your contacts know that you sense something is wrong, and that you perhaps need to be picked up; 3 clicks is the Red Alert, telling your contacts that there is an emergency.

This simple wearable is free to use, minus network provider rates, and can be used for less drastic situations. As well as including a step tracker - because, why not? - you can have the Revolar make your phone ring, getting you out of awkward situations, such as iffy dates.


Much like Revolar, Safer is a wearable alert device. Developed by Delhi-based Leaf Wearables specifically for women, Safer is a pendant that can be double-clicked to send out Saferan alert to chosen contacts, police, and to everyone nearby using the same app. To make up for India’s patchy communications networks, Safer taps in to cell towers, wi-fi, SMS, and GPS to ensure that not only does the alert get out, but the user’s location goes with it. And additional feature is the ability to program a destination and allow a selected guardian to track the user’s progress in real-time to ensure they safely get where they’re going.


The ROBOCOPP Sound Grenade is a key-fob-sized device that, when the pin is pulled, emits a 120-130 decibel alarm. This simple but effective device can be used for the obvious attack deterrent, but also as an animal repellent for hikers, a rescue signal or, if you are particularly paranoid, could even be rigged for a makeshift intrusion alarm on, say, a hotel or hostel door. The ROBORanger adds to this a notification to contacts and to emergency services.


FABRIQ is a safety platform that allowed developers of apps and wearable technology to embed safety features. It includes the ability to let users send alerts and notifications manually, or smart alerts based on certain usage patterns or environmental conditions; it connects the alerted contacts to the user’s closest emergency response centre; it sends out the user’s profile to FABRIQ Network members who are near their last known position; it empowers the network to report and verify dangers, and respond to calls for help. A few lines of code is all it takes to give any app or wearable tech these safety features.



Bark is an unobtrusive way of keeping an eye on what your children are doing online, and keeping them safe. Connect it with their social media, email, and even text Barkmessages, and Bark’s machine-learning-powered engine monitor their online activity and any conversations they are having. Should Bark detect signs of things like cyberbullying, sexting, or even depression, it will immediately alert you via text and email, and recommend steps to handle the situation, as knowing about such a problem is only half the battle.


Proxxi is an industrial wearable designed to keep people working anywhere near electricity safe. The band is small enough to be worn under work gloves, constantly on the lookout for electrical field, which it will detect and determine their distance and voltage. It will vibrate strongly enough to be felt even in rough conditions, alerting the wearing to the nearby danger. It is connected to your smartphone, allowing you to see more information about the detected electricity. Additionally, the app side of Proxxi allows your control centre to request and receive check-ins, and will alert them if the band detects a fall.

run angel

run angel

run angel is an Irish startup offering a personal safety wearable for the running community. Developed as a personal safety wearable for runners, joggers, students, overseas travellers and revellers, the wearable emits a loud 120dB high-pitched audible alarm when activated, and pairs with smartphone devices over Bluetooth to send out alerts in the event of an emergency. Creating a wearable that was not only very loud, but that could be worn neatly on the wrist was a challenge in itself. At the heart of each run angel™ is their patent pending acoustic sound chamber and tuned electronic circuit design. The run angel™ companion app provides peace of mind for family & friends who will be alerted by SMS & email, showing the date, time and location of the wearer when the wearable is activated.

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Published on: 22nd April 2017

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