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How to invest in tech companies with the help of AI

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Roger James Hamilton, Founder and CEO of Genius Group, a world-leading entrepreneur Edtech and education group, discusses how introducing a globalized curriculum will help better prepare students for work and entrepreneurship and bring education into the 21st century. 

Investing in technology companies has always been a challenging task for investors. The industry is constantly evolving, with breakthroughs and advancements emerging daily, making it difficult to stay up-to-date with the latest trends. Fortunately, AI has emerged as a potent tool for investors looking to invest in the technology industry.

AI can provide insight into real-time market analysis, identify trends and patterns to predict future performance, reduce human errors, and make investing in the technology industry a more reliable and safe process. While using AI for investment decisions has a few challenges, such as data quality, lack of transparency, over-reliance on models, and confidentiality, these challenges can be addressed by using appropriate strategies.

steve-johnson-ZPOoDQc8yMw-unsplashThis article explores the benefits, challenges, and strategies investors should consider when investing in technology companies with the help of AI, enabling investors to make informed and accurate decisions.

Benefits of Investing in Technology Companies with AI.

Artificial Intelligence can help investors by:

- Analysing large volumes of data quickly: AI can analyse vast amounts of data much faster than humans. Algorithms use historical data to identify trends and patterns accurately. This enables AI software to make predictions on future trends and behaviours more objectively.

- Providing real-time market analysis: AI programs can provide investors with real-time market analysis, including the performance of competing companies, potential market opportunities, and competitor strengths.

- Improving accuracy: AI allows for data-driven insights, preventing investment decisions from being based on subjective judgments, biases, and opinions.

- Finding promising startups: By analysing data on past funding rounds, market size, and industry trends, AI can identify which start ups have the highest potential to succeed.

- Minimizing human error: By automating critical tasks, AI can reduce human error, ensuring trades are executed as intended and minimizing the risk of costly errors.

pexels-artem-podrez-5716055Challenges of Investing in Technology Companies with AI

While AI helps investors make better-informed investment decisions, there are challenges with using AI, including:

- Data Quality: The quality of AI models is only as good as the quality of data provided to them. If the training data is biased or flawed, the AI model can produce inaccurate results.

- Lack of Transparency: Explainability is one of the main challenges of AI. AI models can produce complex algorithms that are difficult to explain to humans only in mathematical terms. Which can lead investors to have scepticism and mistrust of AI decision-making processes.

- Over-reliance on AI models: Several studies have demonstrated that AI models can produce incorrect results if not appropriately trained. This over-reliance on AI can lead to costly mistakes if not done cautiously.

- Confidentiality: Using AI externally with no precautions could possibly lead to the company's confidential information getting leaked to rivals for intelligence purposes.

Strategies for Investing in Technology Companies with AI

To address these challenges, investors should consider implementing the following strategies:

- Training AI Appropriately: AI models are trained to make predictions based on historical data. So, the training data used should be accurate, unbiased, and appropriate for the specific investment goal, minimizing the possibility of incorrect predictions.

- Diversify AI models: Using multiple AI models can provide alternative predictions, and the use of various AI models from different sources can highlight the markets' most significant trends and patterns, therefore providing a more diversified analysis.

- Understanding why AI Makes Decisions: Understanding how AI models arrive at their decisions requires end-users to interpret the model's results. Interpretability is important because users need insight to make informed business decisions.

- Work with Reputable AI Providers: Partners should opt to work with supervised, experienced, and trusted AI and analytics providers. Reputable providers have the necessary expertise and successful track record using AI in making investment decisions.

Investing in technology companies has always been a risky and challenging industry. However, with the help of AI, investors can analyse large volumes of data quickly, identify trends, and patterns to make informed investment decisions. Having access to accurate, real-time data allows investors to minimise human error and make data-driven decisions.

While using AI for investment decisions has its challenges, investors can address these challenges by using appropriate strategies, such as diversifying AI models and understanding the AI model's decision-making process. Combining human expertise, insights, and experience with AI helps investors to gain a competitive edge in the technology industry, leading to greater returns and success.

Overall, investing in technology companies with the help of AI is a smart and reliable way to identify market opportunities, make informed decisions, and achieve greater success in the technology industry.


 Roger James Hamilton is the Founder and CEO of Genius Group, a world-leading entrepreneur Edtech and education group.



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Published on: 3rd August 2023

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