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9 MadTech Startups to Watch

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9 MadTech Startups to Watch

Advertising and marketing technology can be pivotal in elevating a brand above others in the sea of advertisements and the attempts from all directions to have us engage with every other brand out there. Whether it’s on-site technology or analytics and social media software to help build your brand and your audience, here are 9 MadTech startups to watch.

9 MadTech Startups to watch


SoPost is a platform to help businesses with product sampling. They deliver samples of your product to targeted fans on social media, allowing you to collect feedback and information from those who have sampled the product. The platform increases engagement and ROI, captures better data and feedback due to its targeted nature, and gives you a high level of control and scalability.


Smartzer makes video players for advertisements wherin the products shown are clickable, allowing viewers to find more information or buy directly from the advert. This makes things quick and easy for the customer while increasing conversions for the brand.


Glow is a platform for building, managing, and optimising paid social media advertising campaigns, across multiple social media platforms. They claim that users save an average of 50% on time and increase advert performance by 25% by using Glow.

9 MadTech Startups to watch


Phrasee brings artificial intelligence and machine learning to email marketing. By looking at your content, Phrasee will learn your business’s tone of voice and generate subject lines, body content, and calls to action. It does so by predicting what your audience will respond to and using emotion and sentiment to provoke these responses.


Ad blocking is a welcome addition to browsers for users, but represents billions of dollars of lost revenue to publishers. Admiral is an analytics and revenue recovery platform designed to help those publishers understand just how adblock affects them and aid them in recovering their lost revenue.


FindTheRipple is a real-time engagement platform that allows you to understand your audience by knowing who and what influences them. It helps identify and track key people who can be influential in driving your brand, and predicts what content is going to create engagement so that you can capitalise on it.

9 MadTech Startups to watch


PERCH consists of display hardware, software, and the PERCH Cloud. Together, these provide a dynamic, interactive media platform for displaying products, and it even includes built-in shopper analytics. To oversimplify, shelving doubles as touch screens, allowing shoppers to easily interact with information, reviews, and pretty much whatever is useful to that individual product.


Pixoneye aims to redefine personalised marketing beyond the usual age, gender, location stuff. It does this using artificial intelligence and image understanding, anonymously analysing the image gallery on consumers’ phones to create digital profiles, predict future engagements, and create the most personalised recommendations possible.


Real Life Analytics

The future is here. We’ve seen this kind of thing in science fiction for a while now: billboards and other advertising displays showing personalised advertisements to customers as they pass by, because they are watching our every move! Facial recognition allows the advertising platform to identify approximate age, race, and gender, as well as remembering previous customers.


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Published on: 3rd August 2016

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