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Startacus is a growing community of individuals all with an interest and passion for all things creative and enterprising. Work with StartacusFledgling entrepreneurs, established startups, independent creatives - they’re all here!

We’re on a mission to make the whole process of starting, sustaining or growing a business as easy as possible by providing an online resource filled with all the tips and advice, spaces and places, info and support that can help.

Interested in working with us and helping us on this mission?

Here’s a basic lowdown of how you can:


We offer a range of advertising opportunities to individuals, groups and organisations Work with Startacuswishing to promote their creative or entrepreneurial resources or services. These include Display Advertising, Sponsorship opportunities and Newsletter promotions.

Content Creation

We love producing and sharing editorial content that offers relevant, informative and inspiring content to the Startacus Community. We can work with you to produce editorial content that introduces your product, service or event to our community of startups and creatives. We also love writing startup themed content fullstop! So if you need startup themed content and at a cost effective price for your blog or website - give us a shout :)


We love running competitions that resonate with our niche community and audience of self starters and creatives. We can work with you and your team to create, administer and host competitions.

Work with StartacusDedicated Email Marketing

From email advertorials to newsletter promotions, we can work with you to increase your brand’s recognition and impact - but only if it’s the right fit for the Startacus community.

Member Deals and Discounts

Like getting deals and discounts and offers and promos? So do we! If you think you have a product or service that our members would want and can offer it at a discounted price, then give us a shout and we’ll take it from there.


We are keen to develop further strategic partnerships with organisations which embody a creative and entrepreneurial spirit and whose products, services and ethos are a relevant and natural fit for the Startacus community.

Event Sponsorship

Whether it’s a one off or regularly occurring virtual or physical event, we can work with you and your team to explore opportunities to promote your brand and maximise its impact.

Our Publicity Programme 
**Tailored specifically for Startups**Getting good publicity and PR for your project / startup can be a costly affair, especially if you go direct to a Marketing / PR agency, whose typical clients are established businesses, with much deeper pockets. To level the playing field a tad we have devised a number of cost-effective publicity services for startups to make it both easier and more importantly, affordable to tell tell the world about your startup. Read more about our startup publicity programme here. 

If you feel that your product, service or resource is a good fit and lends itself to the ethos of the self start society and would be interested in discussing any of these opportunities further, please contact us in the first instance via 


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