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About Us

About UsStartacus

We know that there are great ideas out there - being dreamt up every day by people just like you. We know too that when it comes to doing anything with those ideas, it’s a whole different story. Finding people and places that can help can be like ye olde needle in a haystack. There can be all sorts of barriers and all sorts of obstacles so in the end the idea simply lies there, it goes to waste and gets forgotten about. 
Well not any more... a nutshell is what Startacus is here for. If you’ve got an idea, this is the place where you can make it happen. Find people who not only can help you, but who want to help you. Work together on every little aspect of your idea - right down to the tiniest detail. Share your ideas. Give advice and get advice... The Startacus Collaboration section is where you can do all this and more. In your very own virtual workspace, you can start to get that idea moving - all of it or even just a little bit - it’s up to you.

And we’ve got a whole bunch of other stuff too - masses of interesting and informative articles on all things creative, inspiring or simply downright practical; our Toolkit where you can find all the useful resources you might need to help you get an idea off the ground and of course our Forum where you can natter, chinwag and rant all you like...well....almost all you like...we gotta have some rules you know!

Overall Editorial:
If you have an editorial question or simply wish to discuss Startacus please contact Alastair Cameron Co-Founder of Startacus on

If you like you can Join Startacus - the self start society where you can get those creative juices flowing and work on ideas to your heart’s content... 

Adrianne Rutherford
I am ... trying to bag myself a billboard please vote !