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Are you bursting with creativity?! Want to be the next Lord Sugar? Cure the world? Compose a masterpiece? Invent a new way to travel? Design a new line of clothing or just sell your wares to the world. Well look no further than alone, or seek and collaborate with others in your own virtual creative workspace...
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XYZ is a modular construction panel, that quickly transforms into large structural 3 dimensional objects. Ideal for integrating play with other toys or environments to play in. Correctly built objects are able to support an adult.

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    Bountiful Hounds UK

    A dog boutique brimming with British products. Stocking premium dog foods, treats, toys, shampoo and bespoke pet beds in Horsted Keynes, West Sussex. This will be in addition to the existing dog grooming business K-9 Beauty by Teresa.

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      Sponsor The Shirt

      I am going to wear the same shirt every day for the next year of my life, and am offering out advertising space on the shirt for businesses both big and small.

        View Idea » - Crowdfunded Q&A for good causes

        Send questions to stars, celebrities and famous people and briibe them to reply with a donation to a good cause.

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          Errand Runners

          Online female errand running/task service for entrepreneurs, start ups and busy people. The client posts his/her errand or task and the runners bid for the work.

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            Enabling small businesses to do their own online marketing with confidence

            After spending the past year researching the small business market, I've found that most owners have clocked the opportunity to promote themselves online but many don't have the time or know-how to get started. So I've developed a product to help.

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              PlayTank aims to build a gamified platform where anyone can have fun being a part of the creative development process. #gamedev

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              Any personal trainer or nutritionist can use fitnessBattle to build and maintain a website; providing essential tools to help aid anyone interested in staying healthy, losing weight or training more effectively.

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              Hotel GoodSleep

              So, at this point I just have an idea. My idea for a 'social enterprise' hotel / hostel. You don't need to pay to stay, but you earn your keep buy doing social good in the community.

              • Social Good
              • Leisure

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              Screw top mixer drinks

              Plastic capsule containing a distilled beverage (vodka, whiskey, etc) with a screw cap top, and an internally threaded bottom. Can be screwed onto the top of a bottle of soft drink, to create a mixer drink. Great for outdoor events / festivals.

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              Comic Relief!

              Right, this it. I am an Editor for Uproar Comics ( We are looking for submissions from artists and writers for short story for our comicbook publication 'Zombies hi'. the theme being obviously based on ZOMBIES!

              • Film & Media

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              Harry McAlister
              I am ... hunting for worthy stories to help tell.