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Visible Criticism - Useful Tool or Silent Enemy of the Entrepreneur?

Startacus weighs in on having a comment section and feedback, and how it can be used to your advantage

The UK's fastest growing tech companies

A list of the UK's fastest growing tech companies has been compiled by global accountancy firm Deoloitte. Here's the top Ten

Not Only, But Also ...

How to get more Twitter followers for your business

Do you want to get more Twitter followers for your business? Here's a few of our top tips and advice on how you can grow your following.

50% Discount on Share: Summit tickets for Startacus Members

Interested in the Shared Economy? - Startacus Members get 50% off tickets to the first Share:Summit

3D Printed Nano Sculpture- World's Tiniest Woman

Engineer and artist Jonty Hurwitz has used a type of 3D printing to forge what is believed to be the smallest representation of the human form ever created

Spontivity - Live like you mean it

Spontivity instantly connects you with others in your area. Post, browse, and join all your favorite activities in a matter of seconds.

Business Cards, 6 simple ways to make the most of them

Business cards can be a really effective way to pass on your contact information. We offer 6 simple ways that you can make the most of them.

Could you be the GREAT Face of British Business?

The hunt is on for the most exciting and inspiring small businesses Britain has to offer...

Startup of the Week - Scriggler

The innovative new platform for writers of all types to showcase their work...

Gaze: Long Distance Movie Night

Startacus talks to Guillaume Borkhataria & Lorenz Bauer, founders of Gaze about their Startup

Ideas, Projects, Startups - We want you!

We’ve been busy beavering away at Startacus HQ & with our updated collaboration section we reckon we’ve gone a step further towards helping ideas, projects and startups get off the ground...

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