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Personal branding and your startup

Personal branding can be very helpful in the marking of your startup, but there's a lot to consider. Here is a quick introduction to some of the things you might like to consider.

Startup of the Week - Dock Name

The startup that's using crowdsourcing to help other startups get the best domain name for their businesses and projects...

Not Only, But Also ...

Crafts, Places to sell your crafts online.

Want to make some money out of your handmade goods and crafts? Here's a few very different online marketplaces where you can sell them!

What is Crowdfunding? The Basics

Crowdfunding back to basics guide. Crowdfunding is all the rage nowadays but it occurred to us that we've never created a basic introductory guide to this funding option. So here it is.

NACUE Startup Career Launchpad

Are you thinking about working in a Startup or running a new business of your own? The folks at NACUE have created an event that should help give you an idea of what it's all about.

Web Hosting Packages - A Few Things to Consider

A few things to remember when considering your website hosting package

Startup of the Week - Learner Lane

The innovative new platform that's aiming to make finding a tutor easier than ever before...

The Space - Open Call

Creative types take note - the good folk at The Space want to hear from you...

Pricing the goods and services of your small business

Pricing the goods or services that your small business offers is a deceptively difficult and complex task, here's a few tips and advice to help you along the way.

ZenQ - The Importance of Appreciation

Startacus talks to Zornista Tomova of ZenQ about the importance of appreciating your work force

Ideas, Projects, Startups - We want you!

We’ve been busy beavering away at Startacus HQ & with our updated collaboration section we reckon we’ve gone a step further towards helping ideas, projects and startups get off the ground...

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