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Not Only, But Also ...

Immortal Skateboards - Crowdfunding a New Product

Startacus catch up with Paul Hallet of Immortal Skateboards, to talk about a new business, new product, prototyping and crowdfunding

Startup Cities Dublin, We Need You!

This October, we invite self starters, startups, creatives and innovators from Dublin to Share their journey with us and tell the world about the opportunities in the fair city of Dublin.

London Standard Theatre Arts Tuition Comes to Sheffield

The gold standard of London theatre arts tuition comes to Sheffield with 'Kicks Theatre Arts School'. We chat to founder Karl Newsam about performance arts in Sheffield and what he hopes to achieve through the school.

OmnEbike - An e-bike that regenerates your own energy!

Shwetal Shah of OmnEbike talks about the journey of the company, from the Eureka Moment - to where they are today!

Ideas, Projects, Startups - We want you!

We’ve been busy beavering away at Startacus HQ & with our updated collaboration section we reckon we’ve gone a step further towards helping ideas, projects and startups get off the ground...

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