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Want to get in touch, the best immediate way is to email us...

Interested in writing for us?
If you simply love to write, or have a story to tell, advice to share, or you’ve got some news that we just “need” to know, then email We want to hear from you.telephone

Want to advertise?
Well, as we guess you know, we’re pretty fond of our Startacus community. We want to make sure that all advertising and promotional references that we feature are of real value and interest to our members. If you feel that your product or service is a good fit and lends itself to the ethos of the self start society, then please email us and we’ll get back to you just as soon as we can.

Got something to say?
You can be rest assured that we’re gonna be doing our best to try and get things right. If however you feel that we’re not, if we’ve let you down, if you need to moan about something or you just want to give us a little feedback, then let us know! Email and if it’s within our power, we’ll be right on it!

Want to write about us?
Well, modest though we are, we’d still love a bit of publicity too! If you are interested in writing a story or feature on Startacus or our members, email and we’ll get right back to you.

Need help?
Please remember. It’s early days for Startacus and we may have a few little unexpected glitches here and there. Please be patient with us! If for some reason you are having, shall we say a “technical” issue with our site and the gremlins seem to be at work, we need to know! Email and we’ll get working on them straight away.

Like using paper?
You can always write us a letter: The Editor, Startacus, C/O NORIBIC, Northland Building, NWRC, Strand Rd, Derry, BT48 7AL

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adrianne rutherford
I am ... trying to bag myself a billboard please vote !