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We Are Nana - proof that self starters can be any age...

by Startacus Admin

We Are Nana - proof that self starters can be any age... 

Anyone who tells you their best days are gone, needs to take a look at this - ‘We Are Nana’ a community led cafe aiming to get the ‘older ladies’ of Clapton in London working and being enterprising We are Nanatogether.

With the same principles that apply to the Peoples’ Supermarket, this is another attempt to get a local community talking and working together for the greater good.

We are Nana are looking to recruit a team of ladies aged 60+ to help run the food and craft themed cafe based within The Elderfield pub in Clapton. As well as getting to socialise and be enterprising together, the Nanas get free lunch and snacks, and if they work there for over 3 months they also become part of the NANA partnership. That basically means that a percentage of the profits are distributed to the partners every 3 months, depending on how many shifts the Nanas have worked.

Startacus had previously featured The Bevy, which is aiming to be the first ‘urban’ community co-op estate pub in the UK and we really love these community led schemes to get the locals ‘localising’ (socialising locally that is) and also using all those skills and talents that would otherwise be lost.

Some self starters are 18, others are 68! We Are Nana is another example of how age is not a barrier to enterprise, but mindset often is. Don’t tell yourself it is too late, or you can’t do! We hail We are Nana as being a prime example for Self Starters everywhere.

A big high five to We are Nana!

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Published on: 3rd February 2013

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