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The Million Hits Viral Competition

by Startacus Admin

Startacus has an aspiration to dream up a promo video that goes viral. Anyhow, enough about us! Can you possibly dream up a ‘viral’ that captures a million hits?

IdeasTap, a UK platform to support creative people with competitions, funding and advice have joined up with an award winning Production House Toast and Director Stuart Fryer, to offer a lucky ‘creative’ aged 16 IdeasTapto 30 the chance to write a 30 second script that is developed into a full blown video / fingers crossed viral success. The target is unsurprisingly, as suggested in the title, to hit one million views online.

Stuart Fryer is most famous for his part in the production of the infamous VW “Suicide Bomber” viral, that gained him instant notoriety and 28 million hits. Check out that viral, for a bit of inspiration - 28 million hits is not a bad case study after all!

He has since gone on to make virals and commercials for leading brands such as GHD, Sony, Cadbury’s and Lynx.

The application, rules, and full brief is available via this IdeasTap Link here, but they are looking for a fresh idea that plays out in 30 seconds – that entertains, wows, amazes, amuses, shocks, and gets passed on because of its brilliance and creative uniqueness.

The closing date is 5pm on Friday 31st August so get your skates on.

Shame Startacus is just a little over 30 otherwise we would be taking a little closer look at this one ourselves!

Published on: 22nd August 2012

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