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No matter how much you might love your idea, there’s no point in taking it any further if nobody else is going to love it. That’s where good old Marketing comes in. Here are just abusiness toolkit few of the questions that you’re going to need to answer :
  • Who is your product or service for?
  • Would your “target market” actually want this?
  • Have you thought about market research?
  • Where and when and how are you going to do it?
  • Do you have any competition?
  • Who are they and how do you compare?
  • What is your Unique Selling Point? - you’ve got to have one, you know...
  • Is it going to be worth your while?
  • Have you thought about the price or fee you can charge?
  • Have you got a created a strategy for promoting your product or service?
  • What type of marketing will work best for you?

We’re going to be adding all the time to our useful links, tools and resources to make sure that you can not only answer these questions, but answer them well...

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5 Simple ways to kickstart your content marketing in an hour or less
Looking to harness the power of content marketing, but pushed for time? It’s a familiar self-starter story. Here are five content marketing projects which you can create in an hour or less.
Beginner tips on Business Networking
Whether you love them or hate them - business networking is here to stay. Here's some handy tips on how to make your networking experience as comfortable & as worthwhile as possible.
Starting with Social Media - Top tips from MySocialCloud
If you're just beginning your journey with social media, it may seem a little bit daunting. We asked Stacey of MySocialCloud to give us her top tips...
Pinterest News - A few Pinteresting developments
As Pinterest reveals some new features, we outline what they could mean for you - and your business...
PR Tips for Startups
PR is just as important for startups as it is for huge corporations- so make sure you dont neglect it. Here's some basic advice on getting the PR right for your startup.
Growth Hacking Tools for Your Startup
We take a look at some of our favourite growth hacking tools that can be really beneficial to the development of your startup.
10% off Whiteboard animation videos via DoodleDirect
Looking for an affordable Promo Video? Well, hopefully if the answer to this question is “Yes” you will be delighted with our link up and member deal with DoodleDirect...
40% off flyers and leaflets at FLYERZONE.CO.UK
Looking to order Flyers or Leaflets? You might want to take a look at this rockin' member deal via the market leaders in online printing, Flyerzone

The Art of the Introduction

How to turn your customers into brand ambassadors
Your customers are one of the most important marketing tools at your disposal. Here's 4 very simple ways that you can turn them into brand ambassadors through user generated content!
Search Engine Optimisation - The basics
Got a website or blog for your business? Improving your SEO is a must - we outline the basics...
Small Businesses and startups - Claim $50 credit care of Elance-oDesk!
Our Friends at ELance / oDesk are offering Startacus members $50 of freelance work from their platform
Brand Name Shop Novanym aims to name 'that' dot com
Step forward branding specialists Dave and Vince who with their new brand naming shop Novanym aim to help startups find industry specific and great sounding dot com brand names & at an affordable price
How to Market Your Popup Shop
By its very nature the popup shop offers some truly unique opportunities for creative and unusual marketing techniques. Here's some handy tips to help you on your way...
How to use social media to promote your startup
Basic Human Nature - We all like to be poked: Krisi Smith, co-founder of successful startup Bluebird Tea Co. offers her top tips on how to use social media to promote your startup.
Tips for Targeting Prospective Clients when offering a Service (Part 1)
So, you’ve identified a problem, you reckon you've a solution, and you’ve started a service business. Happy Days! But what next? How do you target your business targets? Here's part 1 of targeting Prospective Clients when offering a Service:
5 Reasons not to buy Twitter followers
There are countless sites out there telling how wonderfully simple, cheap & effective the purchasing of twitter followers can be. however we take a rather more cautious view…& here’s why.
Top tips on creating a stand out brand...
It goes without saying, that no matter what your business is, creating a stand out brand is essential to your success. One lady who has created such a brand is Ree Ree Rockette- she shares her tips and advice with us.

The Networker: The Elevator PitchThe Networker: The Elevator Pitch - care of VirginMediaPioneers

Exhibiting at a trade show? Do’s and Don’ts of Promotional Material
After our trip to Web Summit 2014, we offer a little advice about effective promotional materials
5 tips for getting new clients and new business
Patrick Collins - Founder of Timely Pa returns to write his second blog post for Startacus with some handy tips on getting new clients and new business...
8 ways to get the most out of paid Facebook Ads
Using Facebook to reach audience? Here's 8 ways to get the most out of paid Facebook Ads
Eye contact tips for pitching entrepreneurs
Non-verbal communication expert Mariana Lucia Marquez gives us some sound advice on eye contact for pitching entrepreneurs
Tips on Owning the Room for Pitching Entrepreneurs by Metaspeech
Need help improving your pitching skills? Here's some handy guidelines on ‘Owning the Room’ when you are Pitching.
Tips on dealing with Customer Complaints as a new Business (part 1)
The complainer, the moaner, the always unhappy customer, who whilst potentially being 1% of your customer audience, can end up taking up 99% of your energy, stress & time. But maybe they have a point....
The ABC of Networking
The ABC (and D,E & F) of Business Networking...

Startacus - The go-to space for Startups, Entrepreneurs & Self Starters

Assessing your website's mobile optimisation
Following Google's announcement that it is to include mobile optimisation as a ranking signal in its search algorithm, we have a few tips on how to assess your mobile SEO.
Top 5 Tips For Proofreading Your Business Content
Founder of Last Word Proofreading Ross Harrison shares his top five tips on proofreading business content
5 Easy ways to get free startup publicity
Free, organic publicity is often one of the best ways to achieve a number of your goals quickly. Here's a few easy ways to get free publicity for your startup.
The Startacus Guide to social media competitions
The Startacus Guide to social media competitions - We’ve compiled a little bit of guidance to help you run an interesting, relevant and successful social media competition...
Startacus Launches its Startup Publicity Programme!
Startacus Launches its Startup Publicity Programme
Choosing a Trade Fair - some basic tips
Trade Fairs and Exhibitions abound - how can you decide if one is right for you? These basic tips should help...
B2B Brand Building Tips
Jenna Roberts from Retortal shares some outstanding expert advice on how social media can be used for B2B brand building!
Marketing and Graphic Novels - our chat with Danny from Revolve Comics.
We chat Marketing and Graphic Novels with Danny McLaughlin, founder of recently launched publishing house, Revolve Comics.
Top 5 Social Media Management Tools
Managing Social Media could be a whole lot easier, if you make use of some of these handy tools and resources...
Learning How to Pitch
Your New Crew Founder Gemma is back with a new article for Startacus on the art of pitching competitions. "Life’s a pitch – Perfect the most valuable tool you have as a startup founder!"
Creating a Marketing Plan - the basics
If the thought of creating a Marketing Plan fills you with dread, our guide to the basics should hopefully help make it all a little easier...
Barriers to Starting a Business
There's many barriers to starting a business, startup, or creative pursuit and here's how we try to help! Watch this one minute explainer!
Tips on building an International Business Network
Startacus Co Founder Alastair Cameron offers his top tips and advice on growing an international business network.
Best Promotional gifts & products for your startup...
What are the best promotional gifts and products you can use for your startup? We give some food for thought and lists our ideas
Tips on How to Pitch to Retailers
Planning to pitch your product to the retail sector? These basic tips should help you on your way...
Tips on dealing with Customer Complaints as a new Business (part 2)
Last week we featured Part 1 of dealing with Customer Complaints as a new Business - and bingo (yep you guessed it) this week we are back with part 2.
Making sales calls - the basics
It's one of those really useful basic skills that every self starter wants, the effective sales call. Here's some top tips for making sure that you make the most of yours!
From Idea to Business - The Virtual Workspace for ideas
So, you've got an idea that you reckon could really go somewhere? Why not use the Startacus Workspace to work it all out? Plan, plot and scheme to your heart's content. Here's how you can do just that...

Sales v Marketing

Getting publicity for your Startup - 4 more cost free options
A continuation of Startacus' guide to free publicity for your startup
10 Websites to List your Startup
Looking to create brand awareness for your Startup? Here's 10 websites that your startup may want to be listed on...
5 Tips on Driving traffic to your Website
Having an SEO strategy should not be the only driver of traffic to your website & with this in mind, we’ve listed 5 tips that we have picked up along the way:
Business Journalists you should probably be following on Twitter
Startacus lists a few journalists on twitter that you should probably keep an eye on for Business and Startup News
Body Language Tips for Pitching Entrepreneurs
Some body language tips that will help any entrepreneur with their pitching.
An Introduction to Twitter Analytics
Twitter analytics is an easy, non technical, user friendly way for you to measure the level of engagement (or lack thereof) that your Twitter communications - read on for all the handy details...
12 months free use of Zendesk!
Zendesk are offering selected Startacus members who own / found a technology or internet startup company, 12 free months access to a Zendesk regular account valued at over $1000!
Hand Gestures for Pitching Entrepreneurs
Are you a pitching entrepreneur? If so, here's some useful guidelines to make hand gestures work for you when pitching!
Gaining Media Coverage & PR as a Startup - we chat to the experts
Think your startup is ready for mainstream media coverage and PR? We chatted to Aylish Jarvie from Startup PR specialists Tectonic to find out more about what you might need to consider first...

Suitcase Startup

Selling at Craft Fairs - Basic Tips
Planning to sell your wares at a craft fair? These basic tips should help you make the most of doing just that...
Online Business Courses
We are delighted to announce that we now offer a catalogue of online business courses aimed at developing the essential skills needed to build and grow a business.
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