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If you really want your business to stand out, and indeed stand out for all the right reasons, then one of the best ways to do this is by making sure the design stuff is right near business toolkitthe top of your priorities. And if you really think about it, design infiltrates virtually every single part of your business. Or it should do...
If though you ‘d much prefer your business to be bland and boring and just like every other business out there,(*yawn*) then maybe you should just disregard this bit.

Otherwise, get your thinking cap/beret/other suitable headwear attire on and start making plans about all the design bits that really matter :
  • the graphic design 
  • the branding
  • the website
  • the product design
  • packaging design

If you’re not a design maestro or aficionado yourself, then you really need to get working with someone who is. This is one area where a “that’ll do” approach will never work.

We’re going to be highlighting lots of useful people, places and tools that will help you create the right type of design for your business. And we’ll be adding to this all the time so if you think we ought to feature something or someone , then we’re all ears! Let us know!

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Free Design & Visual Tools for Entrepreneurs
Here are some free design tools and visual tools that can help entrepreneurs to create professional visual content for free.
10 Tips to Help Designers Beat the Recession
Doug Richard of School for Startups and Dragon's Den Fame guest writes for Startacus with some handy tips for Designers to beat the recession...

Design as a competitive advantageAndy Budd at the Happy Startup Summercamp 2014

Top 6 Creative 404 Pages
We list some of the most creative and inventive error pages we've found on the web.

Here's how we use design in our businessPeter Lynn, Sales Manager of Mullins Ice Cream explains how they approached a re design project and how it has enhanced their prominence in their local marketplace.

Tips on working with a Web design and Development team to get the Website you want
Having a great idea on how your proposed website will look & feel is all well & good, however the real deal is getting a Web Design & Development team that can deliver. Here we take a look at some of the main things that you need to consider
Barriers to Starting a Business
There's many barriers to starting a business, startup, or creative pursuit and here's how we try to help! Watch this one minute explainer!

The Art of Logo DesignThe Art of Logo Design | Off Book | PBS Digital Studios

Online Business Courses
We are delighted to announce that we now offer a catalogue of online business courses aimed at developing the essential skills needed to build and grow a business.
From Idea to Business - The Virtual Workspace for ideas
So, you've got an idea that you reckon could really go somewhere? Why not use the Startacus Workspace to work it all out? Plan, plot and scheme to your heart's content. Here's how you can do just that...
Top 5 Websites for Design Inspiration
Designer in need of a little inspiration? Check out our Top 5 websites that will provide just that...
Small Businesses and startups - Claim $50 credit care of Elance-oDesk!
Our Friends at ELance / oDesk are offering Startacus members $50 of freelance work from their platform
What Makes the Perfect 404 Page
We give you some tips on how to create the perfect 404 page for your website.
3D Printing - The 3 basic things you need to know
A mini “dummies” guide to 3D printing - covering the what’s, the how’s and the “how’s it gonna help me and my business” bit...
Top 5 Typography Tools for Designers
Creating and choosing Typography made easy, thanks to our Top 5 Typography Tools for Designers...

What makes a great LogoHear talk about corporate logos black and white, big and small.

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