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It makes the world go round or so “they” ( whoever they are) say. Of course some others say it’s good old fashioned love. We reckon it’s the sun’s gravitational business toolkitpull...Anyhow,back to the money stuff.

If you want to be able to turn your idea into something real, you have to think about the pennies.
The first questions you need to ask yourself are:

Is that pocket money you’ve been saving since you were 12 going to be enough?
If not, where are you going to get the money you need?

There are all sorts of people and places who can help. Places like:

  • Banks
  • Government Support
  • Enterprise Agencies
  • Crowdfunders
  • Angel Investors
  • Startup Competitions

Have you worked out how much it’s all going to cost?

You’re going to need to work out budgets and costs and forecasts for things like:

  • setting up - the legals, the accounting costs, the utility costs
  • the techy stuff - the website development, the software and hardware you’ll need
  • the practical stuff - the office space, the stationery, the business cards
  • the people stuff - are you going to get paid? Will Jimbob and Matilda get paid?

Yes, there’s a lot to think about. But we’re going to try and make it easier by letting you know about all the places and people who can help fill your coffers.

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Money Saving on Accountancy Services
Another new member deal this time courtesy of online accountants Crunch... This one's just for you if you're in the midst of setting up a limited company or have started a limited company within the last six months...
Real Time Information - what is it?
Before you all shout “what is that?”, you better start reading, as Real Time Information affects SME’s* based in the UK and their payrolling processes...
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Access to Business Finance in NI and ROI
We take a look at some non-bank finance options which are currently available to businesses throughout the island of Ireland.
Bitcoin - we learn a bit more about Bitcoin with Bittylicious
Heard of Bitcoin but not really too sure if the penny has dropped with what it’s really all about? What better place to start than by speaking to Bittylicious, a UK based marketplace that connects buyers and sellers of Bitcoins together...
Diary of a Startup - Raising Capital
In between the delays…Vincent Haywood is back for week 3 of his startup diary on Startacus & this week he talks about raising capital - broker route v's crowdfunding...
Startacus launches crowdfunding portal
Startacus - The Self Start Society (that’s us then) are excited to announce that we have linked up with leading UK crowdfunding platform Crowdcube to provide a crowdfunding website for both new startups & established businesses.

Real Time Information Payroll - HMRC video

The Basics of Alternative Business Finance
The world of business finance has changed alot over the past decade or so. We take a look at alternative finance for small and medium businesses and what some of the options available are.
What is FinTech and why should you care?
What is FinTech and why should you care? We take a look at why all businesses will be impacted by developing financial technologies.
How to deal with the seasonal highs and lows of cash flow
Emily Coltman FCA, explores how seasonal highs and lows can affect small businesses and what steps you can take to mitigate these risks.

How to finance a social enterprise with Doug Richard School for Startups founder Doug Richard shares his top tips on financing social enterprise with five One Young World Ambassadors.

Top 10 Crowdfunding Sites
Could Crowdfunding help your idea or project get off the ground? We choose our Top 10 Crowdfunding sites that could help...
Barriers to Starting a Business
There's many barriers to starting a business, startup, or creative pursuit and here's how we try to help! Watch this one minute explainer!
Real Time Information - An update
Joshua Boyd from online accountants Crunch, guest writes for Startacus on the impact (so far!) of Real Time Information
6 SME Business Options Beyond Overdrafts
Conrad Ford of 'Funding Options', gives us 6 options for finance without going into a business overdraft
Tax Basics for the Self Employed
Starting out in business on your own? Taxes matter - we outline the what, when and how to pay...
Working the crowd. How to make the most of crowdfunding
Crowdfunding is all the rage at the moment and its popularity is only going to go one way. But with so many others all passionately pitching their business ideas, how do you make sure that you stand out from the crowd?
The Basics of Seed Funding
We take a look at some of the basic issues surrounding seed funding. Including what it is, how you can get it, and what it will cost you.
Devils, Worms and Vinegar - How to Tackle Late Payment
Are you a Small Business or Startup affected by late payments? If so these handy tips will hopefully help...

David S. Rose's rapid-fire TED talk Doing a pitch to a VC or Angel? The 10 things you need to know about yourself...

We've Teamed Up With Crowdfunder
We've teamed up with Crowdfunder to offer members of our community a unique package of crowdfunding campaign support!
Four things you should know about the new Insurance Act
4 thoughts on the new insurance act, and what its likely impacts will be on businesses.
New Business wanting to accept Card payments? Well here’s how you can do just that...
One of the biggest challenges when starting up a business is getting a payment system in place that makes you as professional as your intentions. If that rings true, well read on...
Crowdfunding - what you need to know...
Crowdfunding - we explore what it is and outline some of the main players that you should consider using.
How and When to register for VAT
Starting a business? The lowdown on VAT in the UK and Ireland - how and when to register and who has to do it anyway?
Financial news round-up for small businesses
This month has revealed good news for SMEs and startups, as the government pledges more in growth funds and the country’s workers cotton on to the benefits of being self-employed.
Raising Capital - your options for funding your Startup...
Startacus' ‘beginners guide’ to finance - and hopefully these nine financing options will help you out along the way....

Finance Options (via Business Link) Finance Options for Business. Find out about what finance options are available to your business - whether you're just starting up or planning to grow.

What is Crowdfunding? The Basics
Crowdfunding back to basics guide. Crowdfunding is all the rage nowadays but it occurred to us that we've never created a basic introductory guide to this funding option. So here it is.
5 Things top investors look for from founders
What are angel investors looking for from the startup founders who pitch to them? We chatted to London based venture capital firm AngelLab who invest in exceptional tech entrepreneurs.
Why Consider Seed Investment via Crowdfunding?- We chat to thought leader Barry James.
Crowdfunding thought-leader and founder of Crowdfunding Deep Impact Conference Barry James shares his expert thoughts on getting seed investment via Crowdfunding.
How to Fund a Social Enterprise
Trying to get a Social Enterprise off the ground? Some of the main players who can help out financially...
Should you Switch Your Accounting in the New Tax Year?
FreeAgent let us know why now is the perfect time to switch your accounting in the new tax year.
Angel Investment - the basics...
Thinking of seeking Angel Investment? We give the rundown on some of the basics that you need to know...
Get ready now for your first year of Self Assessment filing
**URGENT** Self assessment tax returns must be with HMRC by 31st January 2014. Panic Over! Emily Coltman FCA, Chief Accountant to FreeAgent writes her tips on filing a self assessment tax return...
Explaining the Enterprise Investment Scheme and the Seed Enterprise Investment Scheme
Why care about the Enterprise Investment Scheme and the Seed Enterprise Investment Scheme? Kate Jackson, lawyer, tech entrepreneur & EIS /SEIS expert explains all...
Crowdfunding Success - A few basic tips
We set out a few basic tips that you should follow to make the most of your crowdfunding opportunity.
Online Business Courses
We are delighted to announce that we now offer a catalogue of online business courses aimed at developing the essential skills needed to build and grow a business.
Raising Capital - So it’s time to raise some money…
Cally Russell of shares some of his top tips for getting that first investment...
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