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Having talent, skill and creativity is all very well, but unless you inject a little bit of planning to the equation, that business idea of yours may never really become more than a pipe business toolkitdream.
Admittedly the very thought of business plans can have some people running scared, but that needn’t really be the case.

Whether you need to know exactly what should be in a business plan or you simply need a little guidance with one or more parts of it, there are an abundance of places and people that can help.
In time Startacus is going to be one of the best of those - just wait and see. Right now though, we’re going to share some of the other resources and tools that we feel will help you at every part of the planning stage.

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Assessing your website's mobile optimisation
Following Google's announcement that it is to include mobile optimisation as a ranking signal in its search algorithm, we have a few tips on how to assess your mobile SEO.
Sole trader or limited company?
Should you register as a limited company, or a sole trader? We take a look at the benefits and limitations of each.
Self-employed and working alone? Here's some tips for managing your working week
Here's a handy step-by-step guide to help you plan and manage your working week if you are self employed and work alone...
Five Practical Business Tips Every Startup Should Know
Tom Trainer BSc FCA, Chartered Accountant & owner of Chartered Accountant Online gives us the lowdown on the basic business tips that every startup should know...
How to Select and Secure a Location for Your Popup Shop
As Kirstie and Phil would say, it's all about Location, Location, Location. Here are the basics when considering just that for your popup shop...

Here's how I set up a pop-up restaurantSetting up a pop up restaurant to test your market and business...

Tips on taking on your first commercial business premises and lease
Looking to take on your first commercial lease? Well bingo, here's some valuable tips on taking on your first commercial business premises and lease, care of commercial property solicitor Richard Lake.
Startup Support All Ireland - Organisations to help you get started
Based in Ireland (North or South) & need some help getting your business or startup off the ground - here's a list of organisations & events that might be able to help...
Startup Support UK – Organisations That Can Help You Get Started: Part 3
The final instalment of our Startup Support UK Feature, where we tell you about organisations that can help get you started with your business venture.
Writing a Business Plan, Step by Step Guide
Our step by step guide to writing a business plan, explains each section of a business plan and how you can write yours.

Ten Tips for Building a Killer Startup - Michael Acton smithFilled at The DO Lectures

How to write a Good Business Plan
Conrad Ford, Managing Director of business finance experts Funding Options, shares his experienced advice on writing an effective business plan.
Finding company fit for your startup team
You’ll often hear recruiters & HR folk talking about the importance of the 'company fit'. But how do you measure company fit for your startup team?
Starting a Part-Time business while working - beginner’s advice
“I really want to start my own part time business alongside my day-job but I have no idea about how to manage the practicalities of it” - Well here's some pointers that might help...

Startacus - The go-to space for Startups, Entrepreneurs & Self Starters

Tech Startups take note - Apply for Free Cloud hosting via Startacus
Startacus wants all tech startups to know, we offer 12 months free cloud hosting via Rackspace for eligible startups
Choosing a Website for your Business : The out-of-the-Box option explored
Choosing a Website for your Business - We chat to Starting Point Website Plan about what an out-of-the-box website might offer you.
Setting up a Company - your main options
Fancy starting a business but have no idea how to start in formalising the business itself? We’ve picked out four of the main options for you to consider and provided a brief overview of each for you to peruse:
Barriers to Starting a Business
There's many barriers to starting a business, startup, or creative pursuit and here's how we try to help! Watch this one minute explainer!

How to write a Business PlanFrom Business Wales

How did you come up with your company name?

Why and when your business needs a website
Our friends over at Vitmain, after just giving Startacus members some amazing deals, they're here to offer website advice
How to get your business ready for action
We take a look at some of the most important things that you need to do to get your business ready for action.
From Idea to Business - The Virtual Workspace for ideas
So, you've got an idea that you reckon could really go somewhere? Why not use the Startacus Workspace to work it all out? Plan, plot and scheme to your heart's content. Here's how you can do just that...
Online Business Courses
We are delighted to announce that we now offer a catalogue of online business courses aimed at developing the essential skills needed to build and grow a business.
Tips on Considering the core values of your startup
Diana Hallare our resident guest writer from Stateside startup The Daughterhood Coach continues her series of blog posts for Startacus with some valuable pointers on finding and implementing the core values of your startup.
How to name your business
Thinking up a name for your business isn’t always the easiest of tasks. We’ve put together a few little tips though that may just help...
Choosing the Right Business Suppliers - some handy advice for startups and SME's
Steve Pritchard, Founder of B2B dating site Proovide, shares some valuable advice to startups and SME's on choosing the right business suppliers.
Top 5 Organiser Apps
Is your work/office/life in a constant state of disarray? Fear no more - Startacus’ Top 5 organiser apps for your smartphone/tablet will help you stay on top of things...
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