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The idea, no matter how innovative, quirky or clever it may be is actually the easy bit. Developing it into a proper business though, that’s when things can get tough. But the business toolkitmore researching, planning and organizing you do, the less tough it will actually be.

This is really where all the other bits and pieces come together:

  • the skills you have
  • the skills you’re going to need
  • the market research
  • the product or service
  • the prototype
  • the finances
  • the costings
  • the list goes on....

If you’re not the organized type, then you’re going to either have to learn pretty sharpish or set about finding someone who is. This is where a business can really start to take shape - whatever shape that may be - it’s your business after all...

To help that shape forming take place, we’ll point you in the direction of some of the most useful resources we can find. And just like developing a business, we’ll be adding new bits all the time.

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Barriers to Starting a Business
There's many barriers to starting a business, startup, or creative pursuit and here's how we try to help! Watch this one minute explainer!
An Introduction to Twitter Analytics
Twitter analytics is an easy, non technical, user friendly way for you to measure the level of engagement (or lack thereof) that your Twitter communications - read on for all the handy details...
Online Business Courses
We are delighted to announce that we now offer a catalogue of online business courses aimed at developing the essential skills needed to build and grow a business.
Learning How to Pitch
Your New Crew Founder Gemma is back with a new article for Startacus on the art of pitching competitions. "Life’s a pitch – Perfect the most valuable tool you have as a startup founder!"
Tips on managing your time when self-employed and working elsewhere
The problem with self-employment is that unless you work with a business partner or employ staff, you have no one apart from yourself to manage your responsibilities & time. So here's some handy tips we hope will at least help...
New Business wanting to accept Card payments? Well here’s how you can do just that...
One of the biggest challenges when starting up a business is getting a payment system in place that makes you as professional as your intentions. If that rings true, well read on...
Developing an idea into a Product - an interview with an Inventor
Ever had that Eureka moment when you are lying on the beach and you have that ‘great idea’? In this case Jonathan Meare had an idea for a solution to that pain in the back moment when your beach towel refuses to lie still. Read on to find out more!
Some essential tips on working from home
Working from home can be wonderfully productive... or it can be a distraction-littered waste of time. Here are a few ground rules that you should set yourself to make sure you are as productive as possible
Recruiting for your startup
Part 1: Thinking about recruiting? Here are a few of the basics you'll need to consider first...
Choosing a Website for your Business : The out-of-the-Box option explored
Choosing a Website for your Business - We chat to Starting Point Website Plan about what an out-of-the-box website might offer you.
5 Tips on Choosing a Domain Name
Choosing a domain name for your website can be a really difficult thing to do, here's a few tips that can help you along the way.

Startacus - The go-to space for Startups, Entrepreneurs & Self Starters

Startup Saturdays
Startup Saturdays? Startacus explains all...
Startups and the importance of Testing
Lauren Turner of One Planet Ventures shares with us some thoughts on the importance of testing as a startup...
From Idea to Business - The Virtual Workspace for ideas
So, you've got an idea that you reckon could really go somewhere? Why not use the Startacus Workspace to work it all out? Plan, plot and scheme to your heart's content. Here's how you can do just that...
Tech Startups take note - Apply for Free Cloud hosting via Startacus
Startacus wants all tech startups to know, we offer 12 months free cloud hosting via Rackspace for eligible startups
How to source products for your popup shop
Our specifics of setting up a popup shop continue with advice on how to source products for your popup shop...enjoy!
3D Printing - The 3 basic things you need to know
A mini “dummies” guide to 3D printing - covering the what’s, the how’s and the “how’s it gonna help me and my business” bit...
Choosing the Right Business Suppliers - some handy advice for startups and SME's
Steve Pritchard, Founder of B2B dating site Proovide, shares some valuable advice to startups and SME's on choosing the right business suppliers.
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