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How to Avoid Burnout and Find a Healthy Work Life Balance When Starting a Business

by: Startacus Admin ~ 20th January 2020
Entrepreneurs tend to be some of the most hardworking people out there - after all, that’s how they manage to build companies from the ground up, raise enough capital for exciting new projects, and manage growing teams of diverse people. But if you’re starting your own business, it's important to understand that when you’re spending too much time behind your desk, it can be easy ...
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Why you need to take a break from your business this Christmas – and explore

by: Startacus Admin ~ 22nd November 2018
Melita Latham, founder of Melita Latham London, suggests taking a break from your business is the best Christmas present you can give yourself. With Christmas around the corner, stress levels will only continue to rise for business owners.  As a retail entrepreneur myself, I know all too well how many of us will be scrambling to make the most of the festive season from a sales perspective &...
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Entrepreneurs share their downtime habits in new Instagram research

by: Startacus Admin ~ 29th October 2018
What are the downtime habits of some of the most successful entrepreneurs in the world and can we learn from them? The way we spend our spare time isn’t often talked about. But it can play an important role in our business success. New research has revealed the downtime habits of some of the most successful entrepreneurs in the world; here’s what we can learn from them. When we think...
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Finding Work–Life Balance as a Startup Founder

by: Startacus Admin ~ 19th February 2017
For entrepreneurs, the lines between work and personal life can blur significantly and the scales can tip heavily in favour of the former. This isn’t good for the entrepreneur’s friendships, family life, even their business and, ultimately, their health and mental well-being. The divorce rate for entrepreneurs is often suggested as being higher than the average, demonstrating just what...
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