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5 Startups Utilizing the Power of User-Generated Content

by: Startacus Admin ~ 23rd August 2016
5 Startups Utilizing the Power of User-Generated Content Consumers, particularly millennials it seems, trust other consumers more than they trust the words and cleverly-crafted imagery of a business’s advertising campaigns. It makes sense, as customers have no particular bias or reason to stretch the truth. Because of this, user-generated content is becoming more and more effective as a mea...
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Basic ways to Improve Online User Experience

by: Startacus Admin ~ 21st August 2016
Basic Ways to Improve your Online User Experience... Unless your business is a one-of-a-kind with no competition, which is unlikely, the experience that visitors to your website have could be the difference between a lifelong customer for you and sending one to your competitors. This goes hand-in-hand with encouraging customer engagement online. People have little time and perhaps less patience,...
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How to Encourage Customer Engagement Online

by: Startacus Admin ~ 8th August 2016
Encouraging Customer Engagement Online The online world is no longer an entity separate from the offline world. Even the most enlightened of Buddhist monks probably sneaks a peak at his smartphone every now and then (the Dalai Lama is on social media, after all). Businesses in particular, need to get with the times and adopt a serious online presence if they want to reach their full potential aud...
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User Generated Content, The Key to Digital Marketing

by: Startacus Admin ~ 16th June 2016
Written by Anna Lemos- Anna is a creative content editor and strategist at Quick Formations, AKA Quick- an online Ltd. Company registration and formation service. Originally a designer, Anna has worked with various startups and SMEs creating graphics, social media campaigns and brand identities to catapult them into the market.  Here she picks apart the much-discussed role which User Generate...
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How to turn your customers into brand ambassadors

by: Startacus Admin ~ 8th June 2015
How to turn your customers into brand ambassadors- Our friend Sophie Turton, digital and content marketing specialist at creative digital agency Bozboz shares 4 simple and effective ways to turn your customers into brand champions!  "You are not in control of your brand. However, by harnessing the power of your customer, you can create a strong brand identity and significantly differentiate ...
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How User Generated Content can Boost Your Millennial Marketing

by: Startacus Admin ~ 4th November 2014
5 Reasons Why User-Generated Content Is The Turbo-Booster of Millennial Marketing Millennials are today’s “head honchos” as far as consumer generations go. Not only are they the current largest demographic in the world (20% bigger than Generation X), but their spending power also surpasses that of any other generation in history. Millennials are also pretty savvy when it comes t...
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