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Top 3 Ways to Optimize Your Workday

by: Startacus Admin ~ 14th December 2020
If you are looking for some simple ways to optimize your workday and keep on track, these basic tips should help you do just that Most people’s jobs are from 9-5, which is a pretty long time to be doing one thing. It is really easy to fall into the cycle of procrastination, particularly when you are feeling uninspired and want the day to go quicker. To not think about work seems like a mu...
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4 Time Management Tips for Startup Owners

by: Startacus Admin ~ 7th December 2018
Time is a precious resource for every startup business. Here are 4 time management tips for startup owners to help juggle a huge number of tasks.  Time is a precious resource for every respectable business - and even more so for startups, who are pressed to find a scalable model for their businesses as fast as possible. In essence, startup owners have to carry a lot of responsibility for ma...
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Five reasons why your employees should still clock in

by: Startacus Admin ~ 16th April 2018
Do businesses really need clocking in systems? Here's 5 benefits using a time tracking system for employees can bring to a business. With more people working flexibly and remotely than ever before and the rise of shared work and live work spaces; do businesses really need clocking systems and if so is this system of measuring an employee’s hours a bit archaic? People management software co...
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8 Top Tips to avoid time management mistakes

by: Startacus Admin ~ 5th January 2018
Time management is a vital skill for all professionals to have, whether you’re in an entry-level position or a board director. It’s easy for us to be distracted from our daily to-do list and procrastinate. Below are 8 top time management mistakes, care of the team at STL Microsoft Training and how to best avoid them: 1. Not knowing what needs to be doneIf you don’t ac...
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How to start a part-time business- Week 2 - Approaching the launch

by: Startacus Admin ~ 12th February 2014
Here at Startacus, we don't discriminate based on size…whether your plan is to start your own multi-national corporation or a little cottage industry we are here to give you a little hand along the way! In aid of this we have just begun a fab new weekly series of posts which provides lots of the important info and advice you will need through the journey of starting up a part-time business...
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Tips for Managing your To-Do List

by: Startacus Admin ~ 25th October 2013
We've written lots about the importance of good business planning, time management, and creating to-do lists for your startup or your self employment business venture. However, it’s one thing creating to-do lists, planning or using to-do apps, but it’s another thing entirely keeping on top of your to-do list - especially when it’s changing every single day and at any one point in...
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Do today what you keep writing to do tomorrow

by: Startacus Admin ~ 25th October 2013
David Friel, Managing Director of the Entrepreneur Handbook gives Startacus four quick tips for entrepreneurs on getting done the things you need to do...Since setting up Entrepreneur Handbook about 10 months back the one enemy I have encountered on a frequent basis is avoidance. By this I mean when you avoid doing something because it’s boring or you haven’t exactly figured out how to...
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Tips on managing your time when self-employed and working elsewhere

by: Startacus Admin ~ 6th November 2012
Being self employed can be more of a juggling act than many other career paths because of the increased responsibility which is places upon you. The problem with self-employment is that most of the time unless you work with a business partner or employ staff, you have no one apart from yourself there to manage your responsibilities, duties and time. Often you can become disrupted, distracted by s...
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