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Setting up a Company - your main options

by: Startacus Admin ~ 21st March 2013
Fancy starting a business but have no idea how to start in formalising the business itself? We’ve picked out four of the main options for you to consider and provided a brief overview of each for you to peruse: Sole TraderYou, yourself and you. In fact only you. The title is a give away really, but you are the sole owner and proprietor of the business. That does not mean that you cannot con...
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Starting a Business on eBay

by: Startacus Admin ~ 20th March 2013
Not every business has to start with grand ideals of corporate boardrooms, lunching with Lord Sugar and reusing a 4 year old suit until it starts to peel away, however even online businesses can require a significant amount of interaction, office space and to-ing and fro-ing.An eBay business however is different. Imagine Bargain Hunt, only without Tim Wonnacott’s super sweet tweed and mousta...
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Should you turn your hobby into a business?

by: ~ 7th March 2013
Most people who we have spoken to on this issue, have a hobby that they wish they could turn into a business-  its a fairly universal desire.  But it is really important to bear in mind that not all hobbies can be effectivly turned into a business and not everyone is cut out for self employment.  Before you begin there are a few questions that we reckon should help you to decide if ...
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Based in London and looking to start a business?

by: Startacus Admin ~ 27th January 2013
Based in London and looking to start a business? Back in the day (okay, like 18 months ago), the team at Startacus held regular 9-5 jobs. However although we were content in our careers, we still used to come up with some great ideas for new and creative projects that unfortunately all eventually fell by the wayside, and never evolved from simply being great ideas in our heads. We often wondered...
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Starting a Photography Business

by: Startacus Admin ~ 22nd January 2013
Photography is one of those things that most of us have dabbled in at one point or another. For most of us it remains nothing more than a hobby whilst for others provided of course we have the right skills and innate passion, it can become a tangible and profitable business. If you’ve ever thought about Starting a Photography Business, here are some of the basic things you ought to consider....
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Starting a food business

by: Startacus Admin ~ 15th January 2013
Whether you want to open a restaurant and give Gordon Ramsay a run for his money or you simply want to start baking and selling cupcakes from home, there are a whole host of things that have to be considered first. Of course there are the standard business elements like finance and marketing and the like to be considered, however working with food also means it’s essential to go through lots...
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WeArePopUp - Startacus interviews the pop up shop platform

by: Startacus Admin ~ 14th January 2013
Startacus has a keen interest in the Pop-up shop phenomenon. From Mary Portas’ high street review to Startup Britain’s Pop-up shop push, the Pop-up shop trader, symbolises many of the characteristics of us ‘self starters’. With Pop-Up shops being symbolic of many young artists, designers and projects using disused retail space to sell their wares, there is also a certain co...
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Creating a 'vintage' business - We talk to Hunted and Stuffed

by: Startacus Admin ~ 7th December 2012
Startacus talked to self starter Ellie Laycock of Hunted and Stuffed about what inspired her vintage startup, running a business and developing business expertise...Ellie has been running Hunted and Stuffed for the last 18 months or so and feels like it is all going great. The idea of her business all came about when she saw a beautiful piece of silk and wanted to bring it back to life. She had al...
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Starting a Craft Business - the basics to consider

by: Startacus Admin ~ 6th December 2012
It’d be fair to say that crafts have never really gone away, however they have certainly experienced somewhat of a resurgence in recent times. These days more and more of us are embracing crafts either by using our own creative and crafting skills, or supporting independent craft-makers and artisans when and where we can - and that can only be a good thing. Whether it’s knitting, card-...
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Bootstrapped? Nice idea: If you can afford boots

by: Startacus Admin ~ 4th December 2012
Guest Writer Dominic Tarn, suggest starting a business with no money is an option, if you let the words do the talking... I have no money. Well, almost no money. A fact I am rapidly in the process of changing. That's fine, given I was a student for longer than expected (long story, which involved Canada and a girl - doesn't every long story involve romance of some kind?), but whilst still a stude...
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