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OweYaa; One favour Can Change Everything!

by: Startacus Admin ~ 23rd September 2014
In the world of startups and Collaboration, what better form of philanthropy is there than trading favours? We talk to Startacus Collaborators, the OweYaaTeam, and find out about their new platform for helping the world. For anyone who hasn’t seen the platform, what is “OweYaa”? “OweYaa is a place for people to trade favours and connect with each other better. In shor...
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Networking and Collaboration - Why Aren't You Doing This?

by: Startacus Admin ~ 11th September 2014
Digital connections are stronger than ever, and more businesses are taking to an online format every day. This means that networking among startups has become increasingly more important – but also, incredibly easier. What do you mean by networking?Simply put, talking with other businesses and possible investors, collaborating and even just getting inspiration where you can to help keep you...
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