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Tick - the micro-video platform that shows us to

by: Startacus Admin ~ 7th April 2019
We take a look at Tick, the Micro-video platform that allows you to create stories in minutes and learn in seconds... The internet is the sum of all human knowledge. And cats. If we need to know how to do literally anything, we can simply search ‘How to…’ and we’ll get the answer and several hundred different step-by-step guides and videos. The downside to this is that we...
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UK Based Startup and Business Accelerators

by: Startacus Admin ~ 19th January 2015
You’ve come from concept to Startup – now what? Manage to magic business out of thin air and your startup is successful overnight? Lucky you! For the rest of us however – Startups take work, training and time in order to grow to the levels we need them to in order for them to be successful. Even Facebook had to learn to walk before it could run. There are a lot of ways to do...
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Seedcamp Drills cash into 7 Super Startups

by: Startacus Admin ~ 24th September 2014
They’re at it again… Seedcamp that is, who have once again announced big funding for 7 exciting UK startups! Seedcamp (for those of you giving your screen a puzzled head-tilt) is an early-stage startup seed investment fund and mentoring programme, which completes a round of funding at various locations across Europe annually. They dish out investment of up to £150,000 in exch...
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