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Lumen - the dating app for the over 50's

by: Startacus Admin ~ 23rd September 2018
We take a look at Lumen - The new dating app to help over 50's to meet genuine like-minded singles. Unless you are charming and particularly outgoing, dating can be hard at any age. Dating when you are over 50 can be even harder. inding someone like-minded, compatible, attractive to you, and all the other tick boxes becomes harder the older we get simply because there are fewer of us wh...
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Amicable - divorce made easier

by: Startacus Admin ~ 17th December 2017
Divorce. Grr...divorce. That about covers it, we think. Unfortunately, divorce sometimes becomes necessary, and it can get unpleasant. In the emotional maelstrom that accompanies the need for divorce proceedings, the last thing you want is for those proceedings themselves to be difficult and nasty. You want them to be...wait...Amicable! Amicable offers a divorce service with a fixed price, which ...
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How to Build and Maintain Customer Relations

by: Startacus Admin ~ 25th September 2017
Building and maintaining good relationships with your customers is absolutely essential for any modern business. Even in today’s world of digital advertising and targeted micromarketing, word of mouth is still a very important consideration for any business looking to reach its maximum potential. Satisfied customers are a great source of free advertising, but the consequences of poor custome...
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Will Mend, the self care app for heartbreak be loved by all?

by: Startacus Admin ~ 24th July 2017
Breakups often hurt (and hurt bad), but startup Founder Ellen Huerta believes that heartbreak can be transformational with support. Step forward her app, Mend, a self-care app for heartbreak that aims to guide you through your breakup day by day. So if you love the idea of this self-care app, read on... We first heard about Mend last week. Mend featured on Episode 6 of Apple's first original seri...
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5 ways Virtual Reality will shape your Future

by: Startacus Admin ~ 21st February 2016
Virtual reality is about to take off in a big way. Not only does Alton Towers have the world’s first virtual reality roller coaster, but Sony’s Playstation VR (previously Project Morpheus) and Facebook’s Oculus Rift, among others, are on the cusp of release and we think they are going to have an impact far beyond twirling a lightsaber about in the next Star Wars game. To fully di...
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The Invisible Girlfriend / Invisible Boyfriend app

by: Startacus Admin ~ 2nd July 2014
It seems that in recent times not a day goes by when we don't stumble across a startup that makes us put down our chai mocha double frappe cappuccinos in disbelief . ‘Can this be for real? Surely they are joking?’ and ‘Why.. just why?’ can be heard as bewildered co-workers gather about a computer screen, collectively searching for some shred of evidence which might betray t...
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