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Put a lid on it

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Have you ever ridden your bike without a helmet?Put a lid on it

That was a really foolish thing to do, but you are certainly not alone in that regard.

In response there is a crowdfunding campaign about to commence that should make carrying and using a helmet much easier for silly folks like you.

‘Put a lid on it’ is challenging a problem that unfortunately needs very little elaboration; people riding bicycles don’t always wear their helmets…and that is very dangerous. 

Of course we believe that the changes needed to ensure the safety of cyclists, and indeed everyone on our roads, are the responsibility of all those involved. Nonetheless it’s little things like this that could mean all the difference in the long run.

‘Put a lid on it’ is a very simple idea that has the potential to become a game changer on the roads of the capital. Basically they want to make helmets so portable, so cheap, and so available that everyone will use them without a second thought.

Essentially, they want to do for cycling, what the paper cup has done for coffee.

Put a lid on itThe website for the campaign launched last week, and claims that 94% of Boris Bikers (users of London’s bike borrowing scheme) don't wear a helmet; and that the organisers of the campaign are placing reducing this number at the centre of their efforts.

We love this idea because it is a perfect example of identifying a problem, and coming up with an innovative solution to it.  It also reminds us of the rather creative invisible helmet that we featured a while back.

The whole thing is the brainchild of Londoner and seasoned cyclist Sam Terry who identified that the key to solving the issue of people not wearing their helmet when cycling was convenience.

“The helmet needs to be cheap enough to buy on an impulse and lose without irritation – a bit like a cheap umbrella!  LID is the only collapsible helmet that reduces to the size of a couple of books so it WILL fit in your bag. If we achieve our funding targets, we will sell it for the price of a budget umbrella. Most importantly it will protect the wearer. It will be thoroughly tested and certified to European safety standards”

Social media reaction has been widely positive, but some have claimed that the campaign is wrong to target only cyclists and is in some way attacking them by singling them out from other road users.

Imagine! Trying to encourage people to protect the most important organ in their body… such cheek!  

The crowdfunding campaign will be launching in April, you can check out their website for all of the latest news and info. 

You might also like to check out some of these other innovations that are helping to make the roads safer places for cyclists.

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Published on: 25th March 2015

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