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Entocycle - insect farming innovation

by: Startacus Admin ~ 3rd April 2023
The lowdown on Entocycle, the London-based startup that's using insects and technology to help drive a global transition to sustainable protein. It has been a while since we’ve written about insects. ‘Why don’t you write more about insects,’ we hear you say. If you insist. When it comes to protein production, insects are an extremely valuable source. Not only do they pro...
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upp - the innovative and sustainable approach to broccoli harvesting

by: Startacus Admin ~ 9th March 2023
Shropshire-based agri-robotics startup upp is automating broccoli harvesting and upcycling the 80% waste into sustainable protein. Broccoli. You know it, you lov…well, you know it. We’ve all been in bed late at night, staring at the ceiling, with a nagging question going around our heads: how much broccoli is wasted in every broccoli crop? Well, wonder no more, for we have the answ...
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