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5 Reasons Why Offline Marketing Is Still Alive and Kicking

by: Startacus Admin ~ 13th October 2017
It is amazing how many articles focus on online marketing as if that was the only way to reach customers – this article is not among them. Offline marketing is not only going strong but evolving in a number of ways. Here are 5 reasons why offline marketing is a powerful marketing method that should not be overlooked. We’ll also explain why several types of offline marketing remain stro...
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Tips for Creating Your First Marketing Strategy

by: Startacus Admin ~ 22nd November 2016
Good marketing could be the biggest factor when it comes to making your business successful. Without it, customers and clients will only find you in two ways: word of mouth and coincidence. Waiting for people to just happen across your website obviously isn’t a viable strategy, and as powerful as word of mouth can be, it has limits. Marketing can also be one of the hardest parts of running ...
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User Generated Content, The Key to Digital Marketing

by: Startacus Admin ~ 16th June 2016
Written by Anna Lemos- Anna is a creative content editor and strategist at Quick Formations, AKA Quick- an online Ltd. Company registration and formation service. Originally a designer, Anna has worked with various startups and SMEs creating graphics, social media campaigns and brand identities to catapult them into the market.  Here she picks apart the much-discussed role which User Generate...
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