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What is Lean Startup anyway?

by: Startacus Admin ~ 16th February 2016
James Lewis is the Head of Product at DigitalBridge in Manchester, UK. James also helps to organise Leanconf, Europe's largest Lean Startup conference. Here, James shares some epic thoughts and wisdom on what exactly a Lean Startup is.... Lean Startup is a term that is often talked about in the world of startups and technology but is not necessarily always fully understoo...
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Lean Startup Machine comes to Belfast

by: Startacus Admin ~ 30th April 2014
Here at Startacus, we are all for any free or cost effective training, workshops, or mentoring that helps you take an early stage business idea, be it big or small, and take it forward (or not as the case may be!) in a positive or productive way. So step forward the Lean Startup Machine - no it’s not a fitness boot camp - it’s a three day workshop for building a successful business. ...
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