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Unusual Inventions - The Twitter #hashtag...

by: Startacus Admin ~ 29th August 2012
The hashtag is a way of signposting a topic, person or theme, so that other interested parties can find your 140 character tweet. In a world of millions of tweets per day, the hashtag works, as it helps you find the stuff you care about (or at least have a wee nosey at) But where did the #hashtag come from? So for you inquisitive types the answer is Chris Messina. Chris Messina is a User Designe...
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Startacus - Unusual Inventions - The Cardboard Bicycle

by: Startacus Admin ~ 23rd August 2012
This story has been doing the rounds (pardon the pun) for the last couple of months and Startacus thought it was time to highlight this wonderful invention. Faced with a “this can’t be done” back story, this invention is close to Startacus’ heart, as we believe that you do not necessarily have to be an expert in a subject to have a great idea! Israeli Inventor Izhar Gafni ...
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Unusual Inventions - The flat bottomed paper bag

by: Startacus Admin ~ 10th August 2012
Perhaps at the time this was an invention not unusual because of its' design, but because this great idea was conceived, designed and tested by a Woman - the indignity! Or so it was at the time to some... The story goes that Margaret E Khight, an inventor from an early age, (we are talking the mid 19th Century by the way) was working in a Paper Bag plant in Massachusetts. Frustrated that items pl...
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Unusual Ideas that Worked - The Million Dollar Home Page

by: Startacus Admin ~ 3rd August 2012
Buying pixels might not seem so revolutionary now, but back in 2005, Alex Tew a student from Wiltshire started a website called Million Dollar HomePage which within 5 months have netted Alex, a rather cool....1 Million Dollars. Alex had decided in 2005 that he wanted to go to University, but he was keen to avoid the post graduation financial burden that comes with study. It is reported that Alex ...
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Unusual inventions - The Pet Rock...

by: Startacus Admin ~ 16th July 2012
Not every idea or invention, changes the World, but when Gary Dahl, an Advertising Executive from the US, invented the concept of the Pet Rock, he created a fad, that became the 1970’s equivalent of the Digital Pet Tamagotchi, and changed his fortunes forever... The story goes that Gary Dahl was sitting in a bar with his friends, complaining about their household pets (as you do). Gary in t...
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