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Understanding intellectual property

by: Startacus Admin ~ 13th January 2019
From understanding what counts as intellectual property, what type of mistakes businesses make when it comes to their IP, to what to do if you think IP theft has occurred, we chatted to Andrew Kirke, Director at commercial law firm Tughans to find out more about intellectual property. Tughans is one of the largest commercial law firms in Northern Ireland, providing a full-service legal solut...
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The Wild West internet and Intellectual Property

by: Startacus Admin ~ 11th April 2014
The internet has created a huge range of issues when it comes to protection of intellectual property, Maxine Horn shares her expert advice on the matter...Recent statistics state that in the digital age images and content uploaded to the internet in one day today is the equivalent of what 5 years ago was the quantity of material uploaded in an entire year. This has resulted in significant intelle...
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Protecting your idea - we talk IP with the Founder of Creative Barcode, Maxine Horn

by: Startacus Admin ~ 7th February 2013
Making Intellectual Property sexy! Startacus chats with Maxine Horn, Founder of Creative Barcode, a digital IP App... Intellectual Property may not be an easy subject to understand initially but it's one that you really ought to spend some time learning about. After all, Intellectual Property (IP) can make or break what you can do with that big idea that you have or thought that you owned! With t...
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Intellectual Property - a basic guide

by: Startacus Admin ~ 31st October 2012
If you’re in business or are planning to be, protecting your Intellectual Property is paramount and if you’re in a creative enterprise, especially so. However, rather than bombard you all with legalistic jargon and terminology we thought we would simply outline in simple terms, the basics that you need to know.What is Intellectual Property?In basic terms, Intellectual Property (IP) ref...
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