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The Dragons' Den 'rejects' that had the last laugh

by: Startacus Admin ~ 30th October 2012
Earlier this week (July 2014) we had the pleasure of hearing that Jennifer Duthie - our Self Starter of the Year for 2013 had pitched successfully on the Dragon's Den. It fab to see her great and already trading well business being further validated by the Dragons themself.However not all contestants are so lucky...One of the most disheartening things has to be when you come up with an idea, share...
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Unusual Inventions - the Post it Note

by: Startacus Admin ~ 28th October 2012
In the coming week or two, we launch the collaborative section on the Startacus site. So we thought it only fair to give a timely nod to perhaps one of the best collaborative offline tools invented - the post it note. Where would we be without post it notes? Probably scribbling on pieces of paper I would imagine. However, the lowly post it note, the antithesis of the paperless office, can be use...
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The Incredible Edible project

by: Startacus Admin ~ 25th October 2012
One way to really appreciate how good an idea is, is when it gets emulated or replicated in other places. And if you’re looking for one of the best examples of that, look no further than the Incredible Edibleproject. In 2008 Pam Warhurst, from Todmorden, Yorkshire first came up with an idea of doing something positive and more productive with some of the area’s public spaces. Her idea...
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Startacus learns about Business Continuity...

by: ~ 26th September 2012
Deborah Stewart, Young Enterprise Business Advisor & Business owner, writes for Startacus on Business Continuity and getting her light bulb moment... Norfolk students get savvy about Business Continuity Storms, fire, terrorism, floods and disease, hundreds of business minded Norfolk Students have learnt how to be prepared for anything that life can throw at them. Amazingly I am now in my fi...
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Where do good business ideas come from?

by: Startacus Admin ~ 20th September 2012
Joseph Benn, author of 'Brilliant Business Ideas' shares his thoughts on where good business ideas come from (and gives a few tips on how you can find them) “I’d would love to have my own business I just need an idea.” If you have ever uttered these words, then this post is for you.  Its a dream which so many of us harbour, but so few of actually achieve and its no wonder, ...
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Unusual Inventions - The Sweet smell of the Microwave

by: ~ 10th September 2012
Pardon the poetic title - but you couldn’t write this invention. This is the story of the chocolate bar, the scientists pocket, the popcorn and the egg. Confused? *Okay, before we go on, I need to clarify. The Microwave is not and cannot be invented. Microwaves are natural forms of electromagnetic radiation, and don’t ask me more, I don’t know. However the product that we know as...
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