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Why you need to take a break from your business this Christmas – and explore

by: Startacus Admin ~ 22nd November 2018
Melita Latham, founder of Melita Latham London, suggests taking a break from your business is the best Christmas present you can give yourself. With Christmas around the corner, stress levels will only continue to rise for business owners.  As a retail entrepreneur myself, I know all too well how many of us will be scrambling to make the most of the festive season from a sales perspective &...
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There's an AR app to help you choose your Christmas tree

by: Startacus Admin ~ 5th December 2017
Snow Joke - Get the Christmas Tree you want delivered to your doorstep and use an AR app to see how it will look in your office or home first... Courtesy of DeliverTree - this is a real possibili-TREE (well in London at least). Their promise is to deliver Londoners amazing Christmas trees. Using their app to choose the tree you want, you can see what it looks like in your room before you buy...
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