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Businesses think extra features enhance online shopping - consumers disagree

by: Startacus Admin ~ 23rd February 2023
Interesting research from Storyblok reveals clear disconnect between what e-commerce businesses think consumers want and what they actually need. Storyblok, the content management system (CMS) category leader that empowers both developers and content teams to create better content experiences across all digital channels, released research which reveals that many businesses misunderstand what co...
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5 years’ time – what can customers expect from last-mile delivery?

by: Startacus Admin ~ 29th September 2021
  Jack Underwood, co-founder and CEO of Circuit shares his insights on the changes that customers can expect to see from last-mile delivery in the future The move to online shopping has accelerated considerably over the past 18 months. In February 2021, 75% of people were shopping online more than they were in March 2020 pre- pandemic. The rise in demand has consequently increased the expec...
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Startup of the Week - Swogo

by: Startacus Admin ~ 15th November 2017
Online retail is here to stay and if you are involved in e-commerce you’ll be only too aware of how competitive it can be. In that respect therefore, online retailers are no different from traditional high street merchants - every penny counts. With customers becoming ever more savvy in shopping around, it’s vital therefore that online retail businesses do all they can to not only pro...
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Startup of the Week - Buy Me Once

by: Startacus Admin ~ 28th June 2017
As we all know, we’re living in what is pretty much a throwaway society. Most of us tend to dispose and replace products rather than repair or re-use them and we don’t necessarily expect things to last. However, it doesn’t have to be like that. It’s simply a matter of making better choices and in particular more informed ones. The good news is that our latest Startup of t...
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UX Live – Startups to receive live-streamed Product Feedback at London Tech Week

by: Startacus Admin ~ 3rd June 2017
With London Tech Week fast approaching, we picked out UX Live Ecommerce on the 15th June as an event to watch out for - in fact watch too. This is your chance to watch 3 well-known e-commerce startups receive live-streamed feedback from REAL users in front of a panel of experts and audience of top UX leaders / experts. Happening at IDEALondon this is a fab opportunity to witness first-hand what i...
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5 Things You Need To Consider When Opening an Online Store

by: Startacus Admin ~ 2nd November 2016
In the UK, 95% of people buy their goods via Internet retailers and in just one year more than £100 billion can be spent online. With these figures in mind it’s no wonder why you are planning to open an online store.  But, before you start seeing pound signs, there are a few things you need to consider before setting up that virtual shop: 1. Which ecommerce platform are you goin...
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How to Cut the Overheads of Your E-Commerce Start-Up

by: ~ 23rd March 2015
E-commerce businesses can experience significant success with minimal investment. However, it is important to ensure all expenditure and overheads are carefully monitored and considered – cutting unnecessary costs and saving money wherever possible. Here, we explore seven ways to cut the costs of starting an e-commerce business. Drop Shipping Rather than plunging a big chunk of funds into...
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Drop Shipping Explained

by: Startacus Admin ~ 13th February 2015
It may sound like a delivery service run by butter-fingered workers, but drop shipping is increasingly becoming the mechanism of choice for a broad range of small, medium, and large businesses. Specifically in recent years there has been a notable increase in the uptake of such systems by startup businesses. We reckoned it was about time we took a few moments to run you through the basics of the ...
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TopTradr - The Disruptive new e-commerce model in the UK

by: Startacus Admin ~ 19th November 2014
With more and more people joining the revolution in invesement, social trading platforms are quickly becoming the norm. Startacus decided to ask TopTradr Co-Founder, Francois Nembrini, about the new developments, social trading platforms and why TopTradr is different, so much so that It could be changing the market in the UK.Hi Francois! So we already know that TopTradr is a social trading app lik...
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A Self Interview with Tony Short - Founder of StudioAlt

by: Startacus Admin ~ 13th January 2014
StudioAlt is an e-commerce store that supplies physical toolkits to the Digital, Tech and Startup community to help empower & aid collaboration. Intrigued? Well read on for Tony Shorts Self Interview...What is StudioAlt? StudioAlt is an e-commerce store that supplies physical toolkits to the Digital, Tech and Startup community to help empower and aid collaboration. Currently this foc...
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