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Startup of the Week - Twibfy

by: Startacus Admin ~ 12th March 2014
No matter how innately creative you may be, there are times when those creative juices need a little inspiration to get flowing freely again.The good news is that getting that inspiration has just got a whole lot easier thanks to our latest Startup of the Week.Twibfy is an innovative platform and app where you can discover, share, submit and organize visual content that inspires you.Aimed at all s...
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Talking taxidermy and breathing stones- Objects Sandbox startup award winners announced

by: Startacus Admin ~ 12th March 2014
Oh we do love a spot of creative technological innovation here at Startacus…shock horror…so we are rather pleased that REACT (that’s Research & Enterprise in Arts and Creative Technology) have just announced the 6 teams which are going to be taking part in their Creative Sandbox over the coming 3 months. For those of you who aren't yet familiar, Objects Sandbox is an initi...
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INVENT 2014- Entries Open for N.I.'s Biggest Tech Showcase

by: Startacus Admin ~ 27th February 2014
Calling all Northern Ireland based innovators! Time to get your thinking caps on as the INVENT 2014 Awards are now open. This is your chance to get your hands on a shared prize fund of a £33,000!! INVENT 2014 provides the opportunity to showcase the most exciting prototypes for technologies in Northern Ireland. 24 teams will be taken through a programme of workshops and mentorship to pitch ...
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HeuttenPalast - Enjoy the great indoors

by: Startacus Admin ~ 18th February 2014
Here at Startacus we love quirky, wacky and unusual things (I know shock-horror right?) We also love it when passionate, innovative and ambitious folks put their great idea to the test and create something marvellous. So you can imagine our sheer delight when we came across a budget hotel in Berlin, created by a pair of innovative friends, where the guests stay in indoor caravans and wooden huts, ...
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Startup of the Week - The Indytute

by: Startacus Admin ~ 27th November 2013
Ever fancied learning how to play blues guitar? Or would making neon art be more your thing? Well...thanks to our latest Startup of the Week, doing things just like that has become a whole lot easier. The Indytute is an online platform offering lessons in those very things plus many more besides…It’s fast becoming the perfect place to discover and book truly unique experiences - eith...
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Creative Mornings - A Local Idea Goes Global

by: Startacus Admin ~ 26th November 2013
Mornings… we wouldn’t exactly say they are our favourite time of day. Granted, there is coffee (which is obviously great) but alongside it comes a serving of dreary eyes, incessant yawning, nodding heads, sardine-can style commutes and innumerable other unpleasantries which often make us wish we had never gotten out of bed in the first place!  Those of you with super-long elepha...
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From Stress to Startup - Part 2

by: Startacus Admin ~ 16th July 2013
Last week, Denise Devlin, Founder/CEO of Positive Parties® shared the first part of her story of becoming a self starter. Today, she shares Part 2! Read on and be inspired!So where does Positive Parties® come into the story?Well, that’s a story of its own!! I’d enrolled to start an academic year long Certified NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) course in the Sept, meanwhil...
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The Arthur Guinness Projects

by: Startacus Admin ~ 10th July 2013
If you’re based in Ireland and have an innovative or inspiring idea in Music, Sport, the Arts or Food, then we reckon you’ll be pretty enamoured with The Arthur Guinness Projects.The Guinness organisation aren’t just synonymous with the ‘black stuff’ you know - they’re doing a lot more besides and the recently launched Arthur Guinness Projects is a prime example...
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Tips on getting the most from Business Meetings - Part 1

by: Startacus Admin ~ 6th July 2013
Business Meetings: If you’re starting out in business, meetings are one of those things that you’ll just have to get used to. And quickly. There’s no escaping them - from sole traders to fully fledged limited companies, they’ll happen at all stages of your startup journey. Here at Startacus we’ve had our fair share of business meetings and we’ve picked up some p...
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Wildseed Studios launches

by: Startacus Admin ~ 3rd July 2013
Got an idea for an entertainment project that’s original and exciting and creatively brave? Well, the folks over at Wildseed Studios want to know all about it. The recently launched Wildseed Studios is a “next generation entertainment content incubator” which aims to provide up to 50 investments of up to £10,000 each over the next 3 years to self-starters with creativ...
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