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“Neighbours, everybody needs good neighbours....”

Quite often or not good news stories are quickly washed over and eaten up by all the bad news we regularly get to hear about. However, here’s a good news story we casserole clubreckon will get you chomping at the bit...Hungry for more?

So the basic premise behind Casserole is simple. Casserole links people who love to cook with people who live near to them that are in need of home cooked food. A community led meals on wheels for the people by the people so to speak.

The process, some online and some offline is pretty easy. You sign up to the Casserole site - go through a few formalities and checks - get approved - find out who lives near you that needs hot food - contact them - arrange a time to deliver and cook some mighty good food in advance.

Initially covering the Reigate and Banstead area in Surrey the project is now expanding to Tower Hamlets and Barnet and the long term aim is to expand this well intentioned operation (within means) to further afield. With a tagline “Do something great with an extra plate”, Casserole aims to build local relationships between neighbours, get more people cooking, and get more people eating - especially when for some a home cooked meal is a special occasion, not a daily occurrence. Of course as well as that, many old and housebound community members live in isolation - so this project is dealing with two fundamental issues in one go.

Like Greeniversity that we featured last week or #Wewillgather this is a social project that is really addressing the things and stuff our communities used to do for itself - that somehow a lot of us forgot to continue to do. So if nothing else, we encourage you to take a few moments to check out the Casserole site, send them a tweet and congratulate them on their efforts - and at best, get involved...that's food for thought, for sure.

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Published on: 17th August 2013

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