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BeneTalk - the mobile app for people who stutter, made by people who stutter

by: Startacus Admin ~ 17th June 2023
The lowdown on London-based startup BeneTalk and its mission to develop the gold standard evidence-based digital therapeutic solution for stuttering. Stuttering (or stammering) affects around 1 in every 50 adults, or around 70 million people around the world. Stuttering is an interruption of speech flow, and it can cause frustration, anxiety, and low self-esteem. Those affected can sometimes av...
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Hands In - group payments made easier

by: Startacus Admin ~ 22nd May 2023
The group payments solution that's better for businesses and customers alike, thanks to innovative fintech startup Hands In. The ability to split a bill among a group of friends, family, or co-workers is useful in various situations. Whether it's dining with friends, organising a group trip, or attending an event, splitting the bill allows for a fair and convenient way to handle expenses. It al...
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Generative AI gives birth to new app sector

by: Startacus Admin ~ 27th April 2023
New data from App Radar reveals AI chat apps reached 23.6m downloads on Google Play with 8 hitting more than a million downloads each An analysis by app marketing analytics platform App Radar has found that since the launch of ChatGPT by OpenAI in November 2022, AI chat apps have been downloaded 23.6 million times from the Google Play Store.  The study looked into 40 chat apps w...
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Onin Secures £2.75M and Launches a Revolutionary Calendar for Every Conversation

by: Startacus Admin ~ 27th April 2023
Onin secures investment for its innovative solution that removes the fragmentation between calendars and the conversations that drive them. Onin has announced a £2.75M seed round from Octopus Ventures in its mission to bring calendars into every conversation. The secure calendar app has launched on the App Store today. The seed investment will be used to scale Onin whilst further developi...
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Seatfrog secures £6m investment to fast track better experience for millions of rail passengers

by: Startacus Admin ~ 25th April 2023
Innovative rail ticketing app Seatfrog announces news of £6m investment via a growth funding round to accelerate its expansion across Europe. Revolutionary rail ticketing app, Seatfrog, has secured £6m in a growth funding round to accelerate expansion across Europe. Seatfrog has become the go-to platform for rail operators and the go-to destination for more than one million cu...
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Little Journey - supporting children and families through healthcare interactions

by: Startacus Admin ~ 17th April 2023
  The lowdown on digital health startup Little Journey and its VR solution to help reduce anxiety for children undergoing healthcare procedures. Among the many fears that accompany becoming a parent is the idea that your child could get sick enough to be hospitalised. Worse still, that they might need surgery. As if these fears coming true weren’t enough, you then have to contend with...
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ZIPZERO - the app that lets your shopping pay your bills

by: Startacus Admin ~ 12th April 2023
ZIPZERO is an app that's tackling the cost-of-living crisis by enabling consumers to monetise value in their shopping data and earn cash towards their monthly bills. We all have bills to pay, unfortunately. Worse is that those bills are constantly on the rise, with energy companies eager to pass on any increase in their own costs to us so that their CEO’s wallets don’t take a hit. I...
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Fluffy - making pet care more affordable and less stressful

by: Startacus Admin ~ 20th March 2023
The lowdown on Fluffy, the app offering dog training, 24/7 vet messaging and insurance to give pet owners peace of mind and support them with their pet care responsibilities. Anyone who has had pets knows how expensive an unexpected medical emergency can be. Even simply getting an x-ray on what turns out to be nothing more than a strained leg can feel like it’s bankrupting us. That’...
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Weeve - language learning made easy

by: Startacus Admin ~ 1st February 2023
Want to learn a new language? Weeve is an innovative startup that has created an innovative, creative and effective way to help you do just that. Learning a new language is both difficult and rewarding. It’s easier to just go to a foreign country and speak louder and louder at people until they understand, right? But for some reason people tend to respect you a little more if you actuall...
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Ribbon - helping businesses to make customer-centric product decisions

by: Startacus Admin ~ 1st December 2022
London-based startup Ribbon is on a mission to help other businesses better understand their users and build better product experiences. It’s a pretty obvious, common sense idea that in order to better sell to your customers, you need to better understand your customers. You need to be able to tailor your product to the needs of the customer, and refine it based on feedback, ideally. Ther...
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