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Online Business Courses Our core aim at Startacus HQ is to make the process of creating, sustaining, and growing a business as accessible as possible- it’s kinda our thing!

In pursuit of this goal, we are delighted to announce that we now offer a catalogue of online business courses aimed at developing the essential skills needed to build and grow a business; those practical skills which the modern entrepreneur needs to have at their disposal to make the most of the opportunities before them.  

Our new courses catalogue, powered by Monkfeet, is filled with comprehensive tutorial series from the most accomplished expert professionals, who provide a meticulous learning experience, leaving you qualified to tackle a wide range of business tasks without the need for further consultative support!      

What's more, the courses are priced in such a way that makes them accessible to those working within tight budgets.

The courses available (which come with a special 15% discount) are:

  • How to get investors: Business planning and financial management- 18 Lessons, £8.50 total

  • How to do PR on a shoestring- 10 Lessons, £17.00 total

  • Google Adwords for Startups- 14 Lessons, £17.00 total

  • How to set up a business- 8 Lessons, £8.50 total

  • How to create a successful blog- 10 Lessons, £8.50 total

  • How to create an elevator pitch- 21 Lessons, £17.50 total

  • How to fund a startup- 16 Lessons, £25.50 total

  • How to create a video with your iPad / iPhone- 10 Lessons, £17.50 total

  • Commercial agreements: NDAs- 23 Lessons, £8.50 total

  • How to get sponsorship- 13 Lessons, £16.15 total

  • Legal essentials for equity investment- 25 Lessons, £8.50 total

  • How to pitch a startup- 16 Lessons, £25.50 total

  • How to bootstrap your startup- 32 Lessons, £25.50 total

  • Consumer behaviour change- 10 Lessons, £12.75 total

To find out all the information you will need about individual business courses, click here!

Happy learning, and feel free to drop us an email to [email protected] if you have any questions.

Online Business Courses


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