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Business Games - The art of game playing in business

by: Startacus Admin ~ 28th February 2013
Business Games - Guest Contributor for Startacus Jo Haigh highlights the art of game playing in life and in business Having worked in corporate finance for over 25 years, I am very aware indeed of the games played in business. Whether the game is charades or blind mans bluff being aware the game is on is part of the key in winning. Not everyone likes games; personally I hated them at school and ...
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5 Apps for the aspiring Entrepreneur

by: Ethan Loughrey ~ 25th February 2013
Guest writer for Startacus Tim Armoo, Founder of highlights his top 5 apps that will help with your new business...There’s over 500,000 apps available within the iTunes store, so say Apple.  A huge amount. As you’ll find within most large markets, within that colossal number is a lot of rubbish, apps that you’ll download as a novelty only to never use again. My A...
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How to use social media to promote your startup

by: Startacus Admin ~ 22nd February 2013
Basic Human Nature - We all like to be poked: Krisi Smith, co-founder of successful startup Bluebird Tea Co. offers her top tips on how to use social media to promote your startup. Social media is a bit of an odd one for startups because by it’s ad hoc, unstructured nature it rarely feels like ‘work’ so when faced with piles of admin and business planning you can feel guilt...
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Outsourced Email Marketing - the benefits

by: Startacus Admin ~ 20th February 2013
Outsourcing Email Marketing - the benefitsToby Fischer, previously a Business Owner of a foreign exchange firm is currently working on a new tech project around the mobile wallet and passbook application on the iPhone making loyalty cards, coupons, boarding passes, privilege and membership cards digital. Toby guest writes for Startacus on the benefits of outsourced email marketing. At the beginni...
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Advertising Options for your Website - A beginner's guide

by: Startacus Admin ~ 17th February 2013
Advertising Options for your Website - A beginner's guide “There’s no money in advertising” - That seems to be a common opinion that you may hear regarding making money from a website and in fairness there is quite a bit of truth in that statement. If you use a website simply to have an online presence, then quite honestly you will make pennies, not pounds from most advertising ...
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Top tips for Online Selling

by: Startacus Admin ~ 14th February 2013
If you want to sell online then you should take a look at some of these basic tips...Although the internet may have had a detrimental impact on traditional retail, it has also been responsible for the creation and growth of online retail and thereby has helped lots of businesses find a much more cost effective and economical route to market. For startups in particular, online selling not only is t...
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Marketing – a start up guide

by: Startacus Admin ~ 13th February 2013
Marketing can seem to be very overwhelming at first glance, there is so much to do, where do you start? Creative thinker, Arts Manager & Marketing Consultant Jen Farrant outlines her tips for beginners..."If you are an entrepreneur then you may be the person who is doing everything at the moment, including marketing. Well I would argue that the first place to start would be to take a big step...
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Top 5 Apps for Note-taking

by: Startacus Admin ~ 12th February 2013
Do you remember when taking note of something simply entailed jotting it down on a piece of paper or in a simple old notebook? Of course, whilst this may be still the case for some of us, it’s good to know that these days we have other options too, namely thanks to the plethora of excellent note taking apps which exist. Which should you use though? Well, to help you decide, here are our...
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From Idea to Business - The Virtual Workspace for ideas

by: Startacus Admin ~ 8th February 2013
Since we launched our Virtual Workspace just a few weeks ago, we've had all sorts of ideas getting thrashed out there by Startacus members using both public and private boards. We know though that lots more of you would use it, if you had a little more idea about what it's all about. So, we thought we would reveal a few sneaky pics of what it looks like, what you can do there and how you can use ...
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Finding a Business Mentor - some basic tips

by: Startacus Admin ~ 5th February 2013
Finding a Business Mentor - some basic tips...Many startups make the mistake of thinking that if only they had an abundance of cash, all their problems would be over, their startup would grow into a large and successful business and all would be well with the world! Well, the reality is that as much as cash and financial investment can be a big bonus, it won’t necessarily determine whether o...
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Best Promotional gifts & products for your startup...

by: Startacus Admin ~ 3rd February 2013
Best Promotional gifts & products for your startup... Apart from the killer title for this feature, there are generally not a lot of deadly marketing gifts out there for you to use in your startup. Being honest, most promotional goodies suck. Laura Allen from Prototype Magazine asked us on Twitter last week about Promotional goodies and I was baffled to know what to answer - hence the idea f...
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Top 5 Social Networks for Business.

by: Startacus Admin ~ 31st January 2013
Getting the word out about your business used to be a pretty costly affair and in some respects it still can be, especially if you use the more traditional forms of promotion and advertising. However, thanks to Social Media in particular, promoting your business, increasing brand awareness, engaging with your customers or clients can all now be done for free. If you’re starting a business, i...
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