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Tips on dealing with Customer Complaints as a new Business (part 2)

by: Startacus Admin ~ 10th June 2013
Last week we featured Part 1 of dealing with Customer Complaints as a new Business - and bingo (yep you guessed it) this week we are back with part 2. In Part 1 of Tips on dealing with Customer Complaints as a new Business (and we would suggest you read it) we focused on planning for problems, not ignoring the problem, staying calm and learning to understand that maybe, just maybe, customers may h...
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Learning How to Pitch

by: Startacus Admin ~ 9th June 2013
Last week, Your New Crew Founder Gemma wrote her first guest post for Startacus on her lessons learned on her startup journey. Ths week Gemma is back with a new article for Startacus on the art of pitching competitions..."Life’s a pitch – Perfect the most valuable tool you have as a startup founder!"I have learned and am still learning a lot as I near the launch of my startup Your New ...
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Tell Your Story for Startup’s Sake

by: Startacus Admin ~ 5th June 2013
Diana Hallare, founder of Stateside startup The Daughterhood Coach starts a series of blog posts for Startacus on the importance of telling your life story as part of your startup tale...I started The Daughterhood Coach after a series of conversations with a social entrepreneur, Clarene White, who founded Food for Your Soul Ministries. Within a month, I handled most of the basics including the reg...
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Tips on dealing with Customer Complaints as a new Business (part 1)

by: Startacus Admin ~ 3rd June 2013
We’ve all been there, well certainly any of us that have ever worked in a customer service, or customer facing role. The complainer, the moaner, the always unhappy customer, who whilst potentially being 1% of your customer audience, can end up taking up 99% of your energy, stress and time. However, maybe that 1% have a point. Maybe that 1% can be your most valuable audience. Maybe if you ca...
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Lessons learned on the Startup Road

by: Startacus Admin ~ 29th May 2013
Self Starter Gemma Pirnie, Founder of 'Your New Crew', a soon-to-be-launched service for grads & young professionals relocating to a new city for work, writes for Startacus on her top startup lessons learned so far...."There is a poem by Robert Frost that ends in the lines “Two roads diverged in a wood, and I – I took the one less travelled by, And that has made all the difference&...
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3D Printing - The 3 basic things you need to know

by: Startacus Admin ~ 28th May 2013
3D Printing - The 3 basic things you need to know... Working on the basis that we all ought to know about 3D printing and many of us also, at this point may know very little about it in the first place, we thought we should create a mini “dummies” guide to 3D printing - covering the what’s, the how’s and the “how’s it gonna help me and my business” bit. S...
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Raising Capital - So it’s time to raise some money…

by: Startacus Admin ~ 25th May 2013
Cally Russell of shares some of his top tips for getting your first investment...There’s a point in most small businesses' journey where the founders realize that the mission they’ve set out on can’t be accomplished without significant capital and resources. It’s normally a low point and one that leads you to question what the next steps are. Well we hit thi...
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4 Things to Consider When Choosing your New Office Space

by: Startacus Admin ~ 22nd May 2013
Purchasing or leasing a commercial office space is a significant step, whether you are relocating or have only recently launched your venture. There are a number of various aspects that require careful consideration, from bottom line cost to the length of the lease and your plans for future expansion. The process of selecting a property is even more challenging when you consider the levels of comp...
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The alchemy of a start-up

by: Startacus Admin ~ 22nd May 2013
Alchemy; the ability to turn a base metal into gold.Guest writer Jo Haigh, Entrepreneur, Trainer and Corporate Financier asks the question: Is there such a chemical formula for a start-up business? Step 1 - Take two enthusiastic people. You need two minimum; an ideas person and an implementer. If you have both these skills then lucky you but if there are two or more of you don't forget the all-...
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“The urge to create something is huge” - Tips from a Self Starter

by: Startacus Admin ~ 20th May 2013
We love Tribewanted - the social project that builds a ‘tribe’ of local communities, partners and members (from all over the World) to co-create a new and sustainable village, somewhere in the world. So when we read Eimer Peters' blog about leaving her consultancy job for IBM to do some volunteering work for Tribewanted Sierra Leone, we were keen to get Eimer to write a piece for Star...
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Starting a Wholesale Business - the basics to consider...

by: Startacus Admin ~ 19th May 2013
Think about it. Every shop or store you browse or go into is filled with products and merchandise that the retailer has sourced from somewhere else. It may be directly from the manufacturer or instead from a wholesaler or distributor who in a sense acts like the middle man between the retailer and the manufacturer. Wholesaling can seem a pretty simple yet lucrative business - buying something at a...
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So you want to build a high growth web startup? (Part 3)

by: Startacus Admin ~ 14th May 2013
In Part 1 of So you want to build a high growth web startup? Entrepreneurial Spark Start-Up Craig McDonald ,Co-Founder of StorkUp highlighted building an awesome deck, prototyping and grabbing yourself some beta users as three key pointers. In Part 2 of building a high growth web startup Craig’s post focused on getting a Technical Cofounder, learning to code and getting started with you...
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