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The FutureEverything Summit of Ideas & Digital Invention

by: Startacus Admin ~ 13th March 2013
Hopefully by now, if you are a returning visitor to Startacus, you will kinda get that we are big on the idea makers...not just the established inventors, innovators and creatives - but those who have the potential to do something unique, individual, and creative with ‘that idea’ that remains stuck in the head. The FutureEverything Summit of Ideas & Digital Invention which takes pl...
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GameSpace Ireland

by: Ethan Loughrey ~ 13th March 2013
In the latest of a recent long line of boosts for the Republic’s technology industry, Games Ireland have launched a new incubator that will provide hotdesks for as many as 30 companies. Known as GameSpace, the incubator was announced at the recent Games Ireland Gathering (GIG) get together which was run in association with Microsoft and had over 500 attendees. The games industry in Ireland ...
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Tech for Good

by: Ethan Loughrey ~ 13th March 2013
Tech for Good Challenge Interested in £50,000 in investment for your social business or charity? No? You’ve obviously clicked the wrong link somewhere along the way then; probably best to go back to Google. For everyone else, that is exactly what’s being offered by the new Tech for Good Challenge offered by The Big Issue and its partners.The usual things are required in order to...
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The MeWe360 incubator

by: Startacus Admin ~ 11th March 2013
Here at Startacus we’re firmly of the opinion that if something sets out to help nurture and develop creative talent, it’s bound to be a good thing. And we’re usually right...In this case the ‘good thing’ we’re referring to is the recently launched MeWe360 incubator. The incubator which launched with a £2 million investment aims to provide financial suppo...
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The Pearson Catalyst Incubator

by: Startacus Admin ~ 9th March 2013
With a relatively intimidating name like “Pearson Catalyst incubator”, one could be forgiven for assuming that this programme is more akin to a genetics experiment rather than something linked with children, learning and ingenuity. It is however just that and is a fantastic opportunity for start-ups that are targeting the education sector. Pearson is something of a Goliath in the educ...
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Techstars comes to the UK

by: Startacus Admin ~ 7th March 2013
Considered by many to be the best accelerator program in the world Techstars recently made the headlines by announcing its first ever program outside the US. Its choice of location? None other than London. There’s already a very vibrant startup and tech scene in London so it’s a pretty natural choice although the UK government and initiatives like Tech City have also apparently pl...
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The Innovation Expo

by: Startacus Admin ~ 6th March 2013
Healthcare innovation is a surprisingly under discussed area for start-ups, despite being arguably one of the most rewarding fields to work in. Next month’s NHS based Innovation Expo in London will provide a format for entrepreneurs from the medical world to pitch their wares at the massive two day event in London’s Royal Docks.The potential for promotion is substantive with more than ...
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by: Startacus Admin ~ 4th March 2013
Last week marked the release of a new YouTube channel, called beBusinessTV. The channel is a joint project by two large Irish firms, digital company beActive and the Ernst and Young Entrepreneur of the Year Programme. In essence, it’s a new YouTube channel designed specifically for “entrepreneurs, Mumpreneurs, risk takers, people with new ideas, students who are thinking outside the bo...
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A Sneak Peek at Culture Tech 2013

by: Ethan Loughrey ~ 25th February 2013
Last week marked the exciting launch of the 2013 CultureTECH (capitals are essential) festival. Although it doesn’t actually begin until the 9th of September, that presumably leaves plenty of timeto get excited for it... So what is there to be excited about? Well the festival in itself is a must for geeks in all their many varieties. Over the course of the weeklong experience, so...
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London Web Summit

by: Ethan Loughrey ~ 25th February 2013
London Web Summit The London Web Summit launches on Friday and is, by most professionals’ reckoning, one of the ‘must attend’ features of the start up calendar. Designed to bring together a multitude of minds from various tech fields, it proclaims to be an exciting amalgamation of multi-nationals, start-ups, media, finance and investment, and advertising specialists.Said minds c...
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SponsorsHive - the marketplace for Event Sponsorship

by: Startacus Admin ~ 22nd February 2013
Corporate and independent sponsorship is a massive global business and one which recent website start-up, ‘SponsorsHive’is seeking to make a name for itself in. Its premise is simple. Presently, Event coordinators and planners often spend large amounts of time and effort in trying to coerce companies to sponsor their events. It is, according to SponsorsHive founder Sean Obedih, a &ldq...
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Handmade in Britain - Designer Makers take note

by: Startacus Admin ~ 18th February 2013
Handmade in Britain - Designer Makers take note   November to many of us may seem like months away (probably because it is!), however to many Design Makers in the UK, November is an important date to think about right now. Confused? Let Startacus explain all... The 8th - 10th of November are the dates when the Handmade in Britain Contemporary Crafts and Design Fair takes place in Chelsea, L...
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