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Girl Meets Dress co-founder Anna Bance chats to Startacus

by: Startacus Admin ~ 5th May 2014
Attention ladies (and gentlemen) we’ve got something for you - Have you ever wanted a designer dress for that big event but have been put off by the price? Well look no further than GirlMeets Dress is the online luxury rental destination providing millions of women with the ability to hire the hottest designer dresses and accessories for less than 10% of the ret...
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We interview Damian Cranney of Belfast Startup RollTV- An innovative new music platform

by: Startacus Admin ~ 30th April 2014
As you probably know (and if you don't, where on Earth have you been?) that May is our Startup Cities… Belfast month, a whole 31 Days dedicated to shining a spotlight on the vibrant and fast evolving startup scene of the Northern Ireland capital. What's particularly striking about the Belfast Startup scene is the number of high quality tech businesses which are being created, so to kick off...
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Patrick Collins updates us on the rapid growth of his Tech Startup 'Timely PA'

by: Startacus Admin ~ 25th April 2014
We first spoke to Patrick Collins, founder of Timely PA, nine months ago when he told us about his company and vision for the future. Since then the business has grown rapidly so we decided to catch up with him to hear all about the exciting developments.Thanks for speaking to us again Patrick – we hear that things are going well for TimelyPA, so tell us how your business has grown since the...
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A Self Interview with Frankie Kearney, Co-Founder of ‘Discovery’ app Sliide

by: Startacus Admin ~ 25th April 2014
Frankie Kearney, Co-Founder of ‘Discovery’ app Sliide (and Startacus member!) talks to us about the idea, the journey, Twitters high-profile acquisition of Cover, and collaboration opportunities for Sliide with the UK Start-up community. What is Sliide? Sliide is an Android app that enables you to discover and engage with cool content such as blogs, brands, events, trailers, apps or ...
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From Chef Work to Cake Decorating - A Self Starter Tale

by: Startacus Admin ~ 24th April 2014
This week’s Self Starter of the Week was awarded the acclaimed weekly title for good reason. Check out Adrianne Rutherford’s startup tale below for a little startup inspiration... “I had worked at the Olympics and I went from being in a busy, hot kitchen with the head chef yelling at everyone to being at home in my kitchen, calm and relaxed baking and many people wonder why.&rdq...
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Rainy Day Box Co- Creator Aly Cranston shares her self starter experience

by: Startacus Admin ~ 26th March 2014
We have a chat with our current self starter of the week Aly Cranston about her fab award winning business Rainy Day Box Co and what it means to be a self starter.  What do you think make up the characteristics of a Self Starter? To be a Self Starter you need to be tenacious, driven, extremely hard working and possibly a little bit stubborn. Let's talk about you! Tell us about your business...
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A self Interview with Tara Dalrymple of Mission Possible

by: Startacus Admin ~ 25th March 2014
Mission Possible is the newest addition in the Digital, Tech, and Startup community that helps empower & aid collaborative consumption. Intrigued? Well, read on for Tara Dalrymple’s Self Interview for Startacus... Let’s start by talking about what Mission Possible is and whom it serves: Mission Possible is an online and mobile marketplace that allows posters (clients) to outsourc...
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Blanco Niño - We interview the Irish Tortilla champion!

by: Startacus Admin ~ 16th March 2014
Philip Martin was born and raised on an organic farm in north Dublin. In 2012 he opened the award winning restaurant Little Ass Burrito Bar on Dawson Street.Philip wanted to sell Tacos but felt the quality available in Ireland wasn’t that good – so he decided he would make them himself. He travelled to Mexico to visit farms, mills, and tortilla factories – there he learned about...
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Courier Paper - An interview with the London Startup champions

by: Startacus Admin ~ 9th March 2014
Courier is a London based newspaper title about startup culture. Launched a year ago as a quarterly publication, Courier focuses amongst other things on the people, passion and the psyche of small business and startups around EC1 and the whole of the big smoke. We picked up a copy a few months back and after reading it front to back, we thought it’d be great to interview founders Soheb Panj...
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An interview with author and writer of the Idler Tom Hodgkinson

by: Startacus Admin ~ 6th March 2014
An interview with author and writer of the Idler Tom Hodgkinson...Today (only on the day of publication mind you) is World Book Day. So given our enthusiastic engagement with all ‘days’ and ‘weeks’ of various themes, we felt it only appropriate to take pause for a moment and pay tribute to the humble, yet mighty book. In case it has passed you by, this week has so far been ...
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We Catch up with our 2013 Self Starter of the Year- Jennifer Duthie, founder of Skribbies

by: Startacus Admin ~ 5th March 2014
We are delighted with last weeks launch of our annual self starter awards which aims to recognise the work of early stage self starter / entrepreneur / startup folk who are demonstrating that they’re doing something of note with that big or small idea that they have! The 2013 winner of the coveted ‘Self Starter of the Year’ award was Jennifer Duthie, founder of the innovative fo...
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Self employed stories- Bob Pembroke and RSP Therapies

by: Startacus Admin ~ 5th March 2014
If you have visited us in the last few months you will know that we’ve embarked upon a new inspiring series called “Self Employed Stories” which tells the stories of enterprising folks who have had to overcome very challenging times to fulfill their dreams of self employment. So far in the series we have featured such lovely folks as Alison with her tale of starting her own fitn...
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