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Kath Preston of Oxygen Accelerator chats to Startacus

by: Startacus Admin ~ 1st August 2014
Kath Preston is the Programme Manager of Oxygen Accelerator, a fab 3 month programme for early stage startups that runs in London and Birmingham - but more on all that later... Choosing the support and investment of a startup accelerator to propel your business can be a major and life changing decision - after all, your startup can suck the life and air out of you on occasion when you go it alone...
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TinderUS- Startup that will help optomize your Tinder account

by: Startacus Admin ~ 30th July 2014
Here at Startacus the little eccentricities and general quirkiness that comes hand-in-hand with our super connected digital world gives us no end of amusement and at times verges over into confusion. This happened of course with the emergence of online dating. ‘What a strange idea’ we thought to ourselves as details of various social network-type platforms appeared, all but promising ...
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Razor sharp Startup Cornerstone aims to deliver the perfect shaving experience

by: ~ 30th July 2014
Recurring subscription business models are most definitely on the up. Aiming to be a cut above the rest is startup Cornerstone, a men's shaving brand that will deliver you shaving products at regular periods via the post. Imagine but for shaving. The razor sharp Oliver Bridge (apologies in advance - tenuous links may continue) is at the age of 25, making Cornerstone his third venture, ...
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Scotland's Cultural Enterprise Office share their incredible expertise

by: Startacus Admin ~ 29th July 2014
As you know July is our Glasgow startup month - an entire month when we take a good hard look at this marvellous city and all the people, places and events that make it the great startup place that it is! What we have been hearing in particular from all the lovely people we have featured so far is that within Glasgow itself, and indeed Scotland generally, there is an incredibly rich, di...
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A chat with Matt Cynamon from General Assembly

by: ~ 28th July 2014
A few weeks ago we started a fab new promotion with general leg-ends General Assembly offering Startacus members 3 months free access to their online learning platform, Front Row...Oh how time flies! Delighted that the good folk of GA would offer our members such a fab perk, we thought it wise to also interview one of the leading lights in the General Assembly team, New Yorker Matt Cynamon, Regio...
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Bitcoin - we learn a bit more about Bitcoin with Bittylicious

by: Startacus Admin ~ 23rd July 2014
Heard of Bitcoin but not really too sure if the penny has dropped with regards to what it’s really all about? Yep - us too. So we thought what better place to start than by speaking to Bittylicious, a UK based marketplace that connects buyers and sellers of Bitcoins together. Looking to find out more about the Bitcoin scene, and whether this is a ‘fad’ or if you’d bank on ...
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Building an eco friendly business with Tatty Rose

by: Startacus Admin ~ 22nd July 2014
As you know July is our Glasgow startup month- an entire month when we take a good hard look at this marvellous city and all the people, places and events that make it the great startup place that it is! To this end, we've been in touch with a lovely lady named Sarah Johnston, founder of furniture upcycling business Tatty Rose and all-round self starter! She tells us all about her startup journey...
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ICEcoder aims to revolutionize website development

by: Startacus Admin ~ 20th July 2014
At Startacus we're always looking for the next great solution to improve on an existing product or service and we think we might have found just that with ICEcoder, a browser based code editor that's aiming to revolutionize website development. We were chuffed when Founder (and Startacus member) Matt Pass showcased his big idea in our Collaboration area and equally delighted when he agreed to ans...
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Mubaloo talks Bristol, their journey and mobile app development

by: Startacus Admin ~ 17th July 2014
In June we spent a whole month celebrating the startup culture of Bristol, showcasing the people, places, startups and events which make it one of the country's most exciting self starter cities.  We enjoyed it so much, that we have decided to return to have a chat with a company that grew out of the city to become one of its most successful technology exports. Mubaloo (asside from having a g...
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Startuptravels go global with their new startup network!

by: Startacus Admin ~ 15th July 2014
Have you ever had difficulties finding local entrepreneurs and professionals while traveling? Do you want to have better access to the local startup scene, the authentic business environment and valuable people when you are on the go? A group of entrepreneurs from Denmark reckons they are on the road to startup success with Startuptravels, a network where you can meet and connect with l...
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Glasgow's Bad Idea

by: Startacus Admin ~ 10th July 2014
As a general rule, here at Startacus, we only feature good ideas (and more often than not only GREAT ideas) which is why the title of this piece may have struck you as somewhat odd. Bad Idea, is a Social enterprise based in Glasgow, that tasks itself with encouraging the personal development of the city's young folk through a range of enterprise centred activities. Naturally, this is something th...
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Ben Howes - Co-founder of Zoetrope reveals all about his innovative startup

by: Startacus Admin ~ 7th July 2014
We heart innovation here at Startacus. So we were pretty chuffed when we got the chance to chat recently with Ben Howes, co-founder of Zoetrope, the innovative interactive 3D photography startup.Here's what we discovered:So Ben, what is Zoetrope?Zoetrope an interactive 3D photography company. Our engage service captures our clients products in 3D for e-commerce use. All clients get free use a...
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