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Wonderloop - The world’s first video profile platform

by: Startacus Admin ~ 4th November 2013
Wonderloop - The world’s first video profile platform... Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, Pinterest…here at Startacus we love ‘em all! But (and it’s a pretty big but), the sheer volume of information that’s available about the people you connect with can actually make it very difficult to get a clear sense of what they are all about. That’s why we are very glad t...
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Startup Diary: #discover: The Birth of Rormix

by: Startacus Admin ~ 3rd November 2013
A couple of weeks ago we asked if any more early stage startups wanted to tell their weekly startup tale. Well, to kick the new batch of startups off, Rormix an emerging music video discovery platform said they would delighted to create a startup diary on Startacus. Over to Agi, the PR and marketing team member of Rormix to start diary post week one:#discover: The Birth of Rormix V...
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The Startacus list of Petrifying Popups

by: Startacus Admin ~ 31st October 2013
Search out your broomstick, dust off that cauldron and shake’n’vac the torture chamber, yes Halloween is once again upon us and here at Startacus, it’s one of our favourite times of the year. Not only because it’s a day when strolling down the high street dressed as a blood-drenched brain-hungry zombie is perfectly acceptable (nay encouraged) but also because it’s a t...
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Startup of the Week - Jobbio

by: Startacus Admin ~ 29th October 2013
Mention a job board or recruitment agency to many people and you’ll be usually met with a “Grrr…” type response, followed by a few gripes and complaints - either they haven’t actually helped if they’ve been looking for a job or they haven’t actually helped if they’ve been looking to hire staff. A generalisation? Perhaps. However it’d still be ...
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Startup of the Week - FoodCloud

by: Startacus Admin ~ 23rd October 2013
Food waste has been in the news quite a bit recently with some supermarkets admitting that although we might all avail of their BOGOF offers, we more than likely end up throwing out that second ‘free’ item. Of course it’s not only us as personal consumers who are guilty of causing food waste - supermarkets themselves, restaurants, cafes and in fact all catering places and sp...
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Startup of the Week - unii

by: Startacus Admin ~ 17th October 2013
Remember those carefree days at uni when everything seemed so much simpler? Being away from home for the first time and the freedom that meant and all that subsequently entailed…(*ahem*)Of course if you were at uni before social networks really took off, what you got up to might have become the stuff of legend on campus, but wasn’t something that your nearest and dearest may have...
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Accelerator Academy - The Chosen Ten

by: Startacus Admin ~ 15th October 2013
It’s no secret that here at Startacus we are a bit (ok, a lot) obsessed with innovative tech startups and the amazing new products and services they painstakingly mastermind for our enjoyment. A few weeks ago we featured Accelerator Academy as it made a final drive for startups to apply to its intensive programme aimed at digital entrepreneurs. We’ve waited patiently ever since fo...
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Top 5 Places to Learn Coding Online

by: Startacus Admin ~ 15th October 2013
The popular consensus at the moment is that Coding is the literacy of the 21st Century and therefore by definition should be something which is embraced by all of us. Let’s face it though - if you’re not that technically minded, learning to code might seem like a pretty impossible and unachievable task - one of those things that ‘other people’ should do. But you know what? ...
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Startup of the Week - AppSeed

by: Startacus Admin ~ 9th October 2013
Let’s face it. Some of us might have fab ideas for an app but just don’t have the technical know-how to actually make them happen. Well, that could all soon change thanks to our latest Startup of the Week. AppSeed is an app which will enable any one of us to transform our hand-drawn sketches into a fully functional working app in just a couple of clicks. After all, it’s eas...
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Startup of the Week - toucanBox

by: Startacus Admin ~ 2nd October 2013
If you’re a parent you’ll know only too well how hard it can sometimes be to keep your kids entertained, especially when the weather is not the best and outdoor activities are perhaps less than appealing.Well, thanks to our latest Startup of the Week, keeping your kids engaged for hours regardless of what the weather is like has just got a whole lot easier. toucanBox is a subscription...
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Crowdspeaking with Thunderclap- Take social media by storm!

by: Startacus Admin ~ 1st October 2013
Crowdspeaking with Thunderclap- Take social media by storm!You might say that social media's usefulness has become a victim of its own success - it is so easy to say something that it is increasingly difficult to make your voice stand out from the crowd. It is also a challenge to tread the line between useful, informative, interesting publicity and just plain spamming - the last thing you want to ...
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Startup of the Week -

by: Startacus Admin ~ 25th September 2013
If there is one startup ‘type’ that’s had a pretty big increase in popularity over the past few years, it’s the subscription based business. It seems like you can get virtually anything and everything delivered to your door these days - from coffee to crafts - there are subscription options for them all. However, keeping track of what’s available and finding new sub...
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