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I am Janice Valentine

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I am ... laying the foundations of my life and startup coaching business by writing the Sideprojectdublin blog and guest blogging for startups
My project is ... a seed growing stronger with every word written about creativity and entrepreneurship in Dublin; and every inspirational story told

A little bit about me:

Since my working life began I’ve been on a journey to find the job which fit me best. At each part of the journey different things have mattered most. In the beginning what mattered was fun, excitement and adventure. Then security mattered and I found some. Around this time I began to delve into my creativity; I knew it was always there, particularly in the writerly form. I always loved books, stories and writing them was a deep rooted, though secret goal. A yearning even. But still how to apply all this in a job alluded me, until this realization happened: That all through the journey what mattered most was people. Supporting them; connecting with them and building relationships with them. As a coach I hope to do all of this. What matters most to me now is setting up a business that will serve my future clients' needs with knowledge about how to leverage creativity for personal and professional progression. Using my own personality mix of energy, passion, sensitivity and determination and of course creativity; in my own way contributing to Ireland achieving great things through its burgeoning entrepreneurial community by supporting early stage startups and students with the same nascent leanings as I had when I was a student. But back then I didn’t know enough about myself or the world to figure those leanings out. But I do now. And this is where, as the old saying goes, one journey ends and another begins.

Where I'm at:

in transition, Ireland {Republic}

Check out my site:

I am skilled in ...

Marketing & Sales, Photography, Event Management, Article Writing, Web Content

I am here to ...

Find Support for Projects, Get Advice, Find Mentors, Do Something Different, Be Inspired, Make A Difference, Make Connections, Work on my idea, Create a Brand

I have ...

An Idea, Started Something

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