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I am Ian Gibbons

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I am ...
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A little bit about me:

18 years in recruitment. I hate everything it stands for. Decided to create a free hiring platform that connects employer with matched jobseekers by using my previous skills in recruitment. It's taken 5 years and 2 million lines of code to get right. I hope it will not disrupt but revolutionise how companies hire. I also believe there are many other people like me, who've left the sector because it's crap. I want to work these people and create a recommendation system, where they can earn and employers can save thousands yet still fill those hard to find jobseekers.

Where I'm at:

Bristol, United Kingdom

Check out my site:

I am skilled in ...

Web Programming, Multi-media, Database Development, Recruiting people, Inventing, Pitching, Digital Marketing, Web Content, People Management

I am here to ...

Find Mentors, Be The Next Big Thing, Do Something Different, Work on my idea, Have A Look Around

I have ...

An Idea, A Dream, A Current Startup, An Invention, A Tech Startup

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