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Wondrwall aims to give your smart home a brain

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Enhance convenience and efficiency by giving your home a brain, care of Manchester-based startup Wondrwall, a smart home intelligence system that learns from your behaviour.

Smart homes are catching on more and more these days. Why stand up and walk all the way to the lightswitch when you can turn on the lights from your phone? Wondrwall Why turn down the heating when your smart thermostat can do it for you? Laziness aside, smart homes can be a real benefit, as they can help you to save money on bills and add to the safety and security of your home. We wrote a while ago about these 7 startups making homes smarter, but developments come fast in the technology world, and we have another startup to add to Skynet’s slow rise to power.

Wondrwall Wondrwall is a Manchester-based startup giving your home a brain and the intelligence to learn from your behaviour. It automatically controls a home’s heating, lighting, and security, turning off lights that you’ve gone out and left on, heating the rooms that you are using to save on energy bills, and enhancing the existing security system. Wondrwall uses Amazon’s Alexa to power voice control capability for extra convenience: change settings, turn up the heat, dim the lights, get a weather forecast, play music, check your schedule, and more.

Rather than a central hub, Wondrwall works through connected lightswitches that replace your current lightswitches. This means that the system uses less power and has greater coverage throughout the home versus a single hub sitting in the corner of one room.

These Wondrwall switches each contain 13 sensors to help it understand your patterns and behaviour. It will learnWondrwall your temperature preferences, time the heating to avoid wastage, heat only rooms that you are using, and monitor the home for safety.

The switches all have dedicated sensors to detect intruders and listen for smashed windows. It will notify you when the children get home from school. If it detects the smoke alarm going off, it will sound its own alert in every room and flash the lights on and off to ensure that everyone wakes up and is aware. And it will tell you how much money it has saved you every month. 

Just last week, Wondrwall was announced as a finalist in the Technological Innovation of the Year category in the London Construction Awards.

All in all, Wondrwall is as close to a must-have for your home as any non-essential can be. Convenience that also saves you money is certainly something worth considering, and we look forward to seeing what the startup does from here.

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Published on: 17th July 2018

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