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Why your Startup team needs to be like a Car

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by Startacus Admin

Ok then, we appreciate that the title “Why your startup teams needs to be like a car” may perhaps seem a little silly. However, maybe it’s because a punchy title ‘wheely’ gets you intrigued, or perhaps it’s because like many of our tongue in cheek posts, there’s no harm in hamming up the truth a little. A good and understandable analogy or two does seem to drive us all to the truth after all.

So just like “What your coffee says about you as a startup Founder”, What literary characters would have made good startup founders? or Why your make up of your startup teamstartup is like a rock and roll band, that we’ve featured previously, as much as they are all a little bizarre - in between the bad puns and the semi decent jokes, there is a more than a little truth.

In a nutshell then, if you want to know why your startup team needs to be like a car, start your engine and read on! (At this point we must add that there is no proven science behind this post - just some quick shouting out of silly suggestions from the team...and Ross).

Rear Suspension

It’s the person in your team that keeps you level headed and balanced, but at the same time allows enough momentum to drive your business forward.


You need more than a few cool heads in your team - building a successful startup is tough after all, so having a cool influence within the office can be a great help.


The person that keeps it all going and hopefully leads by example - YOU!


Every startup needs someone within the team who is the sound of your startup / the voice / the communication / the social media…. eugh - you get the point (although hopefully not in the eye with the aerial).

Spark Plugs

Coding people - coding. The analogy is simple. Everyone knows that a car needs spark plugs. But nobody really knows how they work and what they do.


The steady performer. The team member that puts in the miles. Around for the long haul. Will get you from A to B.


The office Manager / Finance head / HR person / Founder. The person that keeps all the s&*t together.

Cup Holder

I’m done with this post - I leave this one up to you. Maybe it’s just the desk?

Okay, if you are still with us…feel free to waste more of your time by reading “As a Startup Founder - what Friends character would you be?”

And serious point - If you've got a great startup / idea for a startup, why not pop it into our collaboration space where you can showcase your big idea and recieve support and advice from a wide range of self starters, mentors and investors.

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Published on: 14th August 2014

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