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Why Your Small Business Needs a Strong Logo

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by Startacus Admin

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One of the most important parts of a brand is its logo. Creating a strong logo is essential for the following reasons...

When you build a business from the ground up, then you put a lot of heart and soul into it apart from the money itself. Naturally, you want it to be successful and grow as big as possible. However, merely thinking that can’t make a difference. You need to create a plan and execute it properly to materialize your ideas.

One of the most important things that you can do for your business is create a brand that helps it stand out from the competition. And one of the most important parts of a brand is its logo. So, if you want to see your business reach the next level, then you must create a strong logo for the following reasons:

1. Brand Identity

Without brand identity, you are a business just like hundreds of thousands of businesses in your industry. However, when brand logo importanceyou have a unique logo, then you can appear as a distinct identity, a business that has a specific mission and mission statement. This identity can help you gain leverage in the market and acquire more customers over time.

2. Memorability

You don’t have to think hard to understand why it’s important to be memorable no matter what industry you are in. You want the target audience to identify you even in the biggest market. This can be easily achieved when you have a unique logo.

The reason why logos play a big role in brand memorability is that they use different combinations of colors, fonts, and icons that are particular to them only. This helps them to appear attractive and distinct.

3. Trust Building

There are two kinds of products in the market- generic and branded. Most customers trust the latter. But why? The reason behind that is that branded products look more eye-catching and have a unique logo that represents the brand itself. In fact, the logos of some of the biggest brands viz. Apple and Nike have become so iconic that there are replicas sold across the globe bearing the same. This should tell you how big of a role quality logos play in building trust.

4. Brand Awareness

No matter what industry you are in, you should be prepared to face massive competition. So, how do you get other people to know about you? Well, there are many ways to amplify a powerful brand, but brand awareness is also something that can help with that.

When you create a logo for your small business, then you don’t just create a brand, you also create a symbol that helps logo and brandspread the word around. Think about the various websites, digital ads, banners and customized goodies that can carry that symbol and elevate your business.

5. Going Bigger

You don’t have to spend a fortune to build a big business (although you can benefit from a few courses). Just creating a big brand should be able to do the trick. Remember, all you have to do is “make it look” as if you are a big company. If the people will see you as a big business, then you will be able to attract a whole lot of them rather easily.

6. Professionalism

Businesses that aren’t ambitious don’t care about branding. However, there are countless small businesses that want to grow and think big. When you use a logo, you show this professionalism and commitment.

So, How do You Create a Strong Logo?

Now that you know why creating a powerful logo is important, you may want to know how you can get one. Well, the most straightforward option is to hire a professional designer. They are trained in designing logos and many other design assets and have the experience to understand exactly what you need.

When working with a logo designer it’s important that you understand what you are looking for. You should have a clear picture in your head of the final design – this will make it easier for you to create a brief that the designer can work from. Remember, a designer is only as good as the brief!

Once you settle on a final logo design then you can work through the process with your designer. Edits, and tweeks are par for the course so be patient.

While hiring a pro is recommended, if money is a problem then you always have the option of automated logo designers. These are software designed to work as human graphic designers and deliver quality results without costing a lot. However, they won’t deliver the same results as pro designer, but they can do the job.

Many of these automated designers will also allow you to customize, and edit your logo – you can change fonts, and sizes, and colors – this gives you some control over the final outcome.


Your logo should not be an after-thought. It’s a key part of your business identity. And if you take the time to invest in your logo and get it right, so that it really encapsulates your brand identity, then it will resonate with your audience, and help your business and brand shine amongst your competitors.


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Published on: 30th April 2019

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